To the Ladies of the SDMB on Valentine’s Day.

This is not meant to be some cheesy Hallmark card or a flirtatious attention grabber. I am writing this because I firmly believe that often, women are vastly under appreciated. Under appreciated by their spouses, by their lovers, by their children, and sadly, by themselves.

Most women will look in the mirror and see every slight flaw, every line or freckle, each small insignificant imperfection. Rarely do they stop to see the fun, the intellect, the charm, the wit and grace that stares back at them. Mirrors don’t image those features. Mirrors lie. They echo the laugh lines, but fail to reflect the laughter that brought the lines there. Mirrors will dwell on the redness of the eyes, but not show the comfort provided to the children by staying up with them all night. They reflect the tears and how it ruins their mascara, but hides the cause of the them, and keeps secret the notion that without the tears, one would never know joy.

Mirrors need to be turned inside out so they can reveal the true inner beauty of the women looking in to them. I know that many of you have SO’s, friends, or family that are dazzled by this beauty every day, but may only mention it periodically, if at all.
Inner beauty, after all, is the only beauty that matters.

So ladies, the next time to look at yourself in the mirror, instead of focusing on the inconsequential exterior flaws, and comparing yourself to the media’s concept of what the ideal woman should or should not look like, take a few moments, look inside and really appreciate all the good in yourself. The real, true beauty. I know I can see it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the ladies at the SDMB.

From Smug with Love. xo


That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

(Now where are our chocolates !?)

Wow Smug… that something I need to remember to read over every once in awhile. Truly, truly beautiful and touching.

Thank you.

And where are our flowers? Thanks Smugly! What a beautiful tribute.



You are such a peach! Thanks for the wonderful tribute. :smiley:

                  K \
           KISSKIS \Me\

crap…stupid vBcode…well it’s supposed to be a hershey’s kiss …use your imagination :smiley:

Awww, thanks Smug! :slight_smile: And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.

Smug, that brought tears to my eyes. Now excuse me while I print it out and stable it to my SO’s forehead. Right after I find a tissue for me.

:slight_smile: thanks!

That was incredible, smug. You never cease to amaze me. I pray you, too, look into the very same “inside out” mirror.

Happy Valentine’s Day xoxo

That was beautiful, Thank you. Happy Valentines Day to you as well!

You have a true poet’s soul, smug!

I hope your Valentine’s Day is as special as you are.


Thanks Smug.

I guess we all forget to do that sometimes. I know I definately needed reminding.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Thank you very much, smug. Almost makes me rethink my bitter angst-filled position on Valentine’s Day. :wink:

And for you this February, one coupon for a free TiggerLick [sup]TM[/sup] for whenever you’re feeling down. :wink:

Awww, {{{{{{{smug}}}}}}}}.

Thanks! I certainly hope you have a deserving Valentine lady!

Thank you, smug. :slight_smile:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

smug, that was beautiful! Thank you very much! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day yourself!

beagledave, just so you know someone’s appreciated the thought …

Awww … that’s so sweet, you romantic, you!

C’mon, people! A round of applause for beagledave!