To the person or persons who..........

Murdered a Des Moines city (Washington State) police officer on Wednesday.

I attended a birthday party today at the Chuckie Cheese in Kent.

There was another party in progress when we got there. It was for the little boy who’s father you killed. He just turned two. His mother (the widow) was there, she couldn’t have been more than 25 or 26 years old. There were also 4 or 5 uniformed officers there with black tape over there badges to honor there fallen commrade. And probably more than a dozen officers out of uniform and their wives/girlfriends.

Every one of them looking stunned and lost but trying to cover their shock and grief with smiles to give this little boy some sense of normalcy for his birthday.

As the party started to wind down the boy’s mother was thanking those who came with tears streaming down her face. I had to leave my table lest I burst into tears myself and intrude on what needed to be a private moment for these people.

As a person in a law enforcement family who dreaded late night calls, and prayed for the safety of my family member every night that he was out there serving and protecting even the likes of you, I despise you.

As the mother of a son who lost his father tragically and unexpectedly(who fortunately was old enough to have actual memories of his father and won’t have to be pointed to pictures in an album with me saying “this was your daddy” a will without a doubt be the case for this young boy) and endured the grief, loss and anger that my son felt, I loathe you.

Right now the only solace I take that you will get your comeupence is that this is a death penalty state and you my friend if anyone are so deserving. If given the opportunity I would stick the needle in your arm myself.

This is the side that noone sees. Murder statistics are just that; statistics. And I find it amazing that people can just DO stuff like that without thinking about how many people are left behind, mourning and suffering. I mean, I dont understand how people can knowingly cause such things and still consider themselves human beings…

I have more to say, but I have no idea how to express it…

Whether death, life to rot in jail, or eternal punishment, 'twill be the same for him. If justice feels as strongly as you do, then the man is already doomed. Isn’t that enough?

There is a roadside memorial on the spot where Officer Underwood was murdered. It was vandalized with spray paint and had to be protected around the clock. What an astonishing breed of shitheel emerges at such opportunities!