To the stupid bitch who ruined Fahrenheit 911

So I went to see Fahrenheit 911, to see what all the fuss is about. I enjoyed the movie, but I would have enjoyed it a hell of a lot more if the woman 3 seats away from me hadn’t felt it necessary to make a sound after almost every sentence spoken in the film. Every time a poignant point was made (and even when it wasn’t), she would say “mmm-hmmm”, or “oh yeah”, or “oooooooh”. For fuck’s sake, lady - it’s a movie, not a goddam revival meeting! Yes, everyone in the theater got that you hate Bush, thank you. You hate him lots and lots. But you see, some of us wanted to watch the movie, and hear what Micheal Moore had to say about Bush. Some of us in the theater weren’t just there to make little noises of agreement. If you want to do that crap, go to Star Wars with the kiddies and boo Darth Vader every time he comes on screen to your heart’s content. I couldn’t pay attention to the movie because I was too busy anticipating your next little mumbling sound. I happen to dislike a lot of what President Bush is doing, just like you do. The difference is that I occasionally have a thought that doesn’t come out of my mouth.

Or the short version: DON’T TALK AT THE MOVIES.

And of course you were bound and had your mouth ducktaped so that you couldn’t either A Politely ask her to be quiet, or B ask an employeee to do so. :rolleyes: :dubious: If you don’t at least have the guts to do B, then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Thank you. :wally

I had this same problem when I went to see F/911, except that instead of it being one lady it was the whole goddamned theatre. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more vocal theatre audience in my life.

I also missed anything he said in the 10 seconds after he said something remotely funny because the whole theatre full of douchebags was erupting with laughter.

Blowero, I would advise you to never attend a movie in a largely black neighborhood or go to a gospel church. It is part of some cultures to talk back to the screen or speaker, even if the screen doesn’t respond. Perhaps this woman was part of that culture?

“Amen, brother!” “You go, girl!”

That is the exact reason that I am not going to see the movie until I can rent it. When I saw Bowling for Columbine I was accosted by some bitch who made nasty comments at me for refusing to take the flyer that she was handing out. I don’t like Bush either but what is it about it his movies that brings such assholes out of the woodwork?


I love this about black churches, and it is the main reason that I used to attend them. Along with the music, of course. Oh, what a heavenly choir!

Hey, just about everyone admits that there is a lot of bullshit in this movie, so there is no need to listen. Just a Bush bashing concert. Ever try to stay silent at a rock concert? Who needs to listen to the words. I’ll bet that woman enjoyed herself tremendously as she exercised her right of free speech.

But thanks for the heads up. I think I’ll wait till it comes out on DVD. Might be after the election but I can’t vote anyway.

Nice way to completely miss the point. Each person should decide for him- or herself what is bullshit and what isn’t, and it’s a bit difficult to do that if you can’t hear what’s being said.

It’s frustrating when you shout at the people in a horror movie, “Don’t go in there! The monster is in there!” and they don’t listen to you. And then their dumb ass gets killed and they wonder why.

I will be going, and I was kindof hoping it would be a sort of Rocky Horror thing, where the audience gets into it and uses props.

Maybe you should’ve thrown popcorn at her?

I find it annoying when people are having their own conversation, on the phone, or, in this case, just making burbling agreement noises… but I don’t really mind people shouting their own commentary at the screen from time to time.

The most entertaining moments when I saw F911 came from the audience, not the film. I really don’t know why anyone would go see this film in a theater for anything other than entertainment value- whether they agreed or disagreed with the film.

Erg. I went to see The Corporation a couple of weeks ago, and that woman was my date.

“See! Bechtel!

“What an asshole!”

And 500 “Mmmm…”'s “Uh-huh”'s, and “Yeah”'s

Shut the fuck up, already. It’s like there’s some impulse to communicate to others in the theatre, “I have some awareness of the subject at hand,” or “I see the point the filmmaker is making.”

Good for you, honey. That’s a property you share with everyone else in the theatre, with the possible exception of the handful of seniors that were just looking to get out of the heat for a couple of hours and appeared to be dozing.

Shut the fuck up already.

Exactly. I’d much rather hear an occasional “Fuck Bush!!!” shouted out in the middle of the movie than the constant gutteral sounds this woman was making. She wasn’t even making comments; she was just making noises.

Sounds like some of the things that happened when Passion came out, and that’s the kind of thing that keeps me from going to see Pop-Significant movies… you always get people that are DIEHARD fanatics of the material, the rough equivalent of kiddies that dress up in cloaks and shit to see Harry Potter, that just can’t comprehend - or look down on you - if you’re not as gung-ho about the material as they are.

Waitin’ for the DVD, waitin’ for the DVD… la la!

Sorry my thread caused you so much angst, DrDeth. If it bothered you so much to read it, I’m curious why you opened the thread. The title certainly was clear, wasn’t it? Maybe in time you’ll get over it. :rolleyes:

If you actually read my OP, I made it very clear that I believe a movie is different than a gospel church. (I used the term “revival meeting”, but it’s the same point). So it’s rather obvious that I wasn’t complaining about gospel churches, isn’t it? Please don’t play the race card here; that’s got fuck-all to do with it.

Oh, and to be clear - a lot of people in the theater were laughing and making occasional comments of disbelief or indignation, and that wasn’t a big deal. It was the Marge Simpson-like grunts at the end of every sentence spoken in the movie that was annoying. So sue me - I was annoyed.

You had every right to be annoyed. But really, if you had asked them to be quiet, you would have either: A enjoyed the film much more or B had a REALLY good rant. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, but my experience was way worse than yours. The guy right behind me had seen the movie before, and he was one of those insecure types who felt the need to make all the punchlines one second before Moore made them. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Just before the Vacation sequence, Moore asks “What would you do?” Jerk replies aloud, “You go on vacation.” Moore: “You go on vacation.”

Bush on the golf course, talking about policies to the reporters, pause, Jerk says “Now watch this drive.” Bush replies “Now watch this drive.”

Bush addresses the white-tie dinner: “The haves…” Jerk: “And the have-mores.” Bush: “And the have-mores.”

Etc., etc. Jerk stepped on virtually every memorable, funny line in the movie. I’m amazed nobody killed him, especially the people he was with.

I’m not one to have confrontations in movie theaters; I did turn around in my seat and glare at the offender with full-on WASP froideur; but as always, the people most deserving of froideur are the same people incapable of being affected by it.

I’m sure the woman’s behavior had absolutely nothing to do with the movie. She just has the annoying habit of making noises all the time. There’s a woman in my church like this, and although she is a perfectly nice woman, I can’t be around her for long because of the little acknowledgement noises she makes after every third or fourth word you utter to her. He husband must just block it out after thirty years of the mmm’s and uh-huh’s and oh’s.

Sounds less annoying than the kid who shone a red laser all over the theater screen repeatedly during the Harry Potter 3 movie.