Today (3-14) is Steak and BJ Day

Pffft. When I texted The Other Shoe about this, he thought I meant that HE had to go pick up the steak. I came home with a lovely T-bone, to find him unpacking groceries. He had gone out and gotten a ribeye. Why, sweetheart, do you think you’d have to do the work? Now, we have to eat more steak! How will we find the inner strength to get through this?

Oh, and I got turned down on the other half of the matter - he was just that tired. Turned. Down. :rolleyes: I told him we can celebrate belatedly today, if he’s, ah, feeling more up to it.

Well, we didn’t have steak.

Not even reusable “tube steak”?

We had liver - and it was damn near boiled the way she cooked it. As to the other, Mr Gorsky is on a more favourable promise than I am.

/le sigh

But did he eat a steak first?

Anyway, I heard he was a vegan now.

Yup, that was on the news. I guess he’ll do anything to attract attention.

I wish I could squeeze an A-1 joke in here, but it would just be too forced.

My wife’s blowjob skills have been rate A-1 by the sexual services rating agency of Dewey, Blowem, and How.

Clinton’s now a vegan? Give the man a cigar!

Depends on the hotel, did you talk to the Bell Captain after you called Room Service to order the steak?

I guess you’ll just have to blow him yourself.

" This steak best if blown before April 9, 2012. "


“Chicken pot pie,” eh? Heh. Say no more, say no more, wink wink nod nod.