Today (3-14) is Steak and BJ Day

It’s true.

It’s the 15th already here, curse you International Dateline I’ve been cheated out of ISBJ Day.

Husband has been duly notified. Oh, and I asked him what he’d like for dinner. :slight_smile:

There was a proposal to make this a Federal holiday back in the Clinton years, wasn’t there?

I don’t understand - why would steak be such a big deal under Clinton?


So yours doesn’t extend over the Date Line?

You really need to announce this further in advance. I just fed my husband chicken pot pie for dinner.

Damn the girlfriend is out of state.

Well I’m having steak for dinner…alone in a hotel room. Is there any worse place to be on Steak & BJ Day?

Post op in BangKok?

This conflicts with Pi Day. I guess the two should be combined.

I guess being alone in a hotel room I could pick up a warm apple pi.

But have you eaten yet?

Made pie instead.

Returning Shodan’s volley in the same level of lighthearted political snark/wittiness without vitriol:

You don’t understand. The BJ under Clinton episode was the necessary foreplay before we got down to Bush and really got fucked.

And that was what was at steak! :smiley:

Then Steak and BJ Day should be March 19th, shouldn’t it?


I thought that was the day we celebrated Lyndon B Johson killing that really nasty vampire.

My wife and I will be celebrating this a day late, as we do every year. For some reason it just works out that way. Last night was my daughter’s winter choral concert and then my wife had a meeting for one of her volunteer organizations, so our evening didn’t work out too well. However, we’ve already exchanged texts this morning about tonight’s activities, so I know how we’ll be spending our ‘parent time’ after the kids are in bed.

I love that woman.

She’s a rare one indeed. You’ve done well my fine sir. Its hard to find a happy medium in a marriage these days, but such an arrangement gets to the meat of the matter. She’s a little saucy I take it (and I hope such inclinations cut both ways). Unfortunately I took the other fork in the road marriage wise. But my plate is full anyways so I guess it don’t matter as I am of a rather tender disposition and such extravagances go against my grain as life has made me a grissled, well aged fat man.

Sounds like you blew it.