It's March 14th... Any of you fellas having STEAK tonight?

…among other things, of course. :smiley:

Steak and Bj and Pi, too? Whose idea was all this?

Does it really matter? That it IS is the important thing.

For some reason, my boyfriend thought this fell on February 15th! He was quite sick then so we didn’t “celebrate” … I’ll have to let him know that it’s actually today. :smiley:

Is this a new thing? Last year was the first time I heard of it, while on holiday in England. I heard about it for the first time this year back home.

I have a theory that this is actually a false flag operation by the Vast Female Conspiracy to limit BJs to made up holidays. Don’t fall for it! BJs should occur at any time, the more spontaneous, the better! Stuck in traffic? BJ time! Did you take out the trash? BJ time! Does the day end in “Y”? BJ time! There should be reciprocal cunnilingus time as well. Parked the car in the garage straight? Cunnilingus time! Nothing on TV? Cunnilingus time! If the day ends in “Y”, that’s where he’s dining! Everyone’s a winner!

I must have missed a memo… March 14th is a holiday now?

I’m all for steaks and BJs, of course. I’ll notify the wife right away! :smiley:

Okay, clue me in, because I have NO idea what you’re talking about.

I’m not sure if my cousin came up with this, but he’s the first to tell me about it. I need to pass the word.

I propose that we stop calling them BJ’s, from now on (at least for me), they are BP’s - that is Blow Parties.

Calling it a blow job makes it sound like all work and no fun. But a blow party? Who doesn’t like parties?

It actually seems to work. Instead of asking the SO if you can have a blow job, just say, wanna have a party?
FTR, I thought is was Feb 15th as well.


A Google search reveals that the “original” date was apparently 3/20 … but 3/14 makes much more sense to me.

:confused: How else would you do it? And why should I have to wait around all year longing for March so I could give my SO a blow job? That would, er, suck.

Vast Female Conspiracy indeed!

I think the answer is safely NO on all counts.

Just don’t mention these “blow parties” in front of any cops! :wink:

I love my wife.

I just called her to remind her it’s SaBJD and she was all “whuh?” and then “ooohhhhh, that’s right!” So they’re both on the menu for tonight.

I love my wife.

Alas, my gal has to work tonight. Sandwich and TV for me.

Does eating a beef roast count?

I never heard of this holiday before, but by coincidence, I was planning to serve steak tonight. As for the blowjob, hubby doesn’t care for these, but his initials are B.J., so I think we’re in compliance.

Mental note - make the beef Healthy Choice dinner tonight.

mental note 2 - Have chat with SO.

Nope. Ladyfriend is out of town.