Today is a good day

It is a rather good day today. The air conditioning in my school was not set to permafrost, the sun shone for a brief time, and yet again, I got a Carmello candy bar. I love Carmellos.

After I was called down to the guidance office and handed an envelope telling me I was officially in the running for National Merit Scholar (one of those prestigious 50,000…::snort::), I thought my day was going pretty well. But then I got home. My ACT scores were sitting in my mailbox.

The score sheet said 33. My mother ended up coming to see why I was screaming and running through the house. Woohoo!!! I beat my rival and scored above a 30. Today is good.


I have to agree. I got a promotion last week, and today the memo informing everyone of my new position was distributed to everyone else in the office. So as I sat at my desk, one by one people came by to congratulate me. I’m not usually one for being the center of attention, but I liked it today. Oh yeah, and the Nets won too. All in all, a pretty good day indeed.