Today is going to be a Wonderful day! (TMI)

So I wake up this morning and the first thing I have to do is go to the bathroom and take a dump.

So I go, sit upon my throne and blast a chocolate soldier. Upon finishing, I grab a wad of TP, reach around to clean myself, only to discover, after inspection, that I never really needed to wipe in the first place.

The return wad of TP was as white as the driven snow.

Yep, it’s going to be a wonderful day.

Perfect dump to start a perfect day.

Ugh. You should have put TMI or something in your title. Yuck.

[Last Samurai]Perfect…Dump…[/Last Samurai]

Been there, done that. But then, afterwards, in the shower …


Ah yes, nothing better than a nice clean break.