Today is the National Day of Prayer

Since “World Peace” and “the Cure for Cancer” is probably covered by professional praying people, I’m going with
“gimme a vat of banana pudding and a bunch of those little vanilla wafer cookies, thanks.”.

It’s not much of a prayer, but it’s what I got.

Gee, I’d like to pray for something noble, but the OP got me hungry. I’d like a brownie. With icing. Amen.

All my prayers are being lobbed toward Zimbabwe at the moment!!

And for my friend who has just left for Israel on holiday!! :eek:


I’m praying for some pictures to be posted over at that Cleavage thread. :smiley:

“In a prayer written for the National Day of Prayer, May 2, the Reverend Lloyd Olgivie, the Senate chaplain, asks God to ‘bless our President, Congress, and all our leaders with supernatural power.’”

I dunno. It looks like, by asking God to turn our politicians into superheroes…I mean, hell, what’s left to wish for?

(World peace. That’s all I want.)

If John Ashcroft had X-ray vision, do you think he’d peek under Condoleeza Rice’s blouse at staff meetings?

Look, up in the sky! The tights! The cape! It’s (bum-bum-bummmmmm) CongressMan!!! And his trusty sidekick, FilabusterBoy!!

I know, it’s weak. Mebbe I need to pray for a wit?

… or a more discriminating preview eye…



lettuce pray for a really good president in 2 years.
One that would actually be elected by a 99% majority!

Actually, Ashcroft would probably make Condi sit behind a lead lined curtain during meetings to avoid the temptation of sin. If he can’t handle a nekkid statue, what chance does he have against the raw sex appeal that is Condoleeza Rice?

For G.W.: The power of flight! It’s levitation, homes.

For Cheney: The power to kill a yak from 200 yards away…with MIND BLITZ! That’s telekinesis, Kyle.

For Colin Powell: The power…to move you…

Has anyone seen my vat of pudding? The weirdest thing happened, I got Snickers’ brownie (with icing and chunks of chocolate inside plus rainbow sprinkles- all in all a very delightful brownie) but I haven’t seen a trace of the banana pudding.

Just wondering if there was a mix-up in the Prayers, Granting department, or if this was just one of those things.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm, you’ve got a brownie for me? Well, then, the least I can do is get you a big ol’ vat o’pudding. And not just any vat - this pudding was used for pudding rasslin’ at Bike Week!! Pudding with History! Pudding with a Story! Pudding with Leather!!

OK, just kidding. This is virgin pudding - untouched and unadulterated. Chock full of puddingly goodness - just for you!!


MIND BULLETS. Makes more sense now don’t it?

I will at lunch. Thnaks to your post Rue, I’m going to the pasta bar for lunch and they have the best banana pudding there. Sometimes they even use rainbow vanilla wafers in it.

A really, really obese tennis player? What kind of super power is that?