Today on Justice Talking on NPR!

So I’m having lunch, I’ve spent the first 30 min of my lunch break kicking both of todays x-word puzzles with some coworkers. After that I’m in the mood for Popeye’s chicken.

So I hop in my car and drive down the freeway and decide to listen to Justice Talking.

Today’s topic is Spanking.

And this rant is about idiots who can’t debate.

Against spanking is some woman from a Law School, I’m unsure if she is a professor, student, graduate or the lady that washes the toilets. (I’m guessing the latter)

TOTALLY ignoring her postion (spanking is bad and should be federally regulated), I could care less honestly, enjoy some gems of wisdom she uses to support her arguement.

(Words to the effect of, I missed half of what she said) The spanking of African American children is some sort of renactment of slavery. Or at least has something to do about it.

This was rebutted by an African American who comments that she’s white and has experience what it’s like to be African American or raise a child in an african american.

“We I have a family member who is black!”

insert random snickering

Then trying to score one last coup point for her side at the end of the show she lashes out with this gem.

I’m concerned that spanking, which is done on the child’s bottom, is an eregonous zone and that spanking a child will make them grow up and associate pleasure with spanking.
This time the audience can’t help but start laughing.

Look lady, it’s ok if 'nilla is all you want. You don’t NEED to explore your kinkier side, if you don’t want to be spanked before, during or after sex then tell your partner! Don’t ruin kinky sex for the rest of us.

I spent the car ride back to work trying to figure out how a women who does this poorly on an open forum on a relatively mundane topic mange to graduate from/teach at a law school.

Then I realized: She’s gotta be washing the toilets. Either that or the lawschool where they got her from is the elephant’s graveyard of law school.

Didn’t she mean an “egregious zone”?

Don’t you have bigger problems to deal with than my spelling? I seem to recall another thread in the pit about a certain problem you’re having! :slight_smile:

I don’t think a quick swat to the butt of a child is anything bad when warranted. It should be the shock of it happening that causes the child to feel some remorse and not any actual real pain.

You can listen to the show and get info about the guests here

Susan Bitensky, the blatherer, is “a law professor at Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law where she teaches constitutional law and jurisprudence.” The blather the OP mentioned starts at 45:50 with this absurd statement from her: “I’m not surprised at the concentration of people who accept spanking in the South. The South actually has more of a tradition of being violent than the rest of the company.” Not too bigoted. The other stuff the OP mentioned follows shortly.

Dude, how long is your lunch?!

Toilet scrubbers are actually far too intelligent to spout this kind of hogwash.

Who cares about spanking. I’m pointing out that there is a law professor who is a complete moron.

I was at lunch for 1 hr 1 min 43 seconds.

It’s a lot easier when the freeway is 30 seconds from your parking spot and the popeyes is a few miles up the freeway.