Today was HWAs' birthday.

Today was Herbert W. Armstrongs.

Happy birthday you cult starting asshole. How are you enjoying your enternity? Yep, that’s where your enternity is: Plot L-2110 of the Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, California. God is not going to resurrect you. Jesus is not not going judge you.

But I am! And I sentence you to remain in that grave forever & ever, and continue to rot. What’s that? That’s what you’re doing? That’s a good apostle. It’s just too bad you didn’t do that before my naive parents got sucked into your bullshit which almost ruined my otherwise normal & wonderful childhood, and fucked up the heads of my siblings. In fact, it’s too bad your mother didn’t get a shotgun blast to the stomach while pregnant with your putrid fetus.

Oh, well. At least your fucking dead now, and can’t hurt anyone else. Happy birthday you fucking piece of rat shit!

The dude has been dead for 21 years. Uh, is there some reason you hate this guy in particular?


What part of *

Click on the links. it would take years for me to explain it all.

Just wait for my celebratory rant on the anniversary of his death!:smiley:

This is The Pit, pkbites. You’re being far nicer to me than the rules allow. I dunno, it just seemed odd to pit a man whose been dead for 21 years. What the hell, if you can’t pit someone who did a great deal of damage to your childhood then who can you pit?


But I’m not pitting you.

I’m pitting the piece of shit who used peoples hopes, fears, and beliefs to line his own pockets and spew garbage of a ridiculous nature using an ancient book of fairy tales as his source.

My parents fell for this gobbaldy-gook before I was born. Therefore myself and my siblings were raised in a cult that required some of the most bizarre things and was run by some of the most crooked sonsovbitches alive at the time.

It wasn’t until myself and my siblings were in our adult years before we woke up and realized what a sham it was and started thinking for ourselves. It took my Ma years later to wake up.

By the way, I’m not feeling sorry for myself. I’m just pissed off that such evil men existed. The ones I’m sorry for are people who never woke up and saw the truth.

But don’t take my word for it. Click on the cites and research it!

Sorry about your childhood, and that your parents were (by your own description) gullible dupes. I’d never heard of Herbert W. Armstrong before this moment, and a quick perusal leads me to think he’s not especially unique among the pantheon of religious charlatans throughout the ages. This in particular:

comfortably describes the early life of many agnostics, myself included.

Actually my childhood was overall decent. But it had some bizarre fucked up moments religion wise. Religion is the only bad memory I have as a kid.

There was some strange shit they were pushing. The thing about cults is, everyone in it becomes a bully, not just the leaders. Step out of line and everyone turns on you. When I was a kids I was just as guilty of doing that as everyone else there.

Can you link to a page specifically that details the fucked up shit they were advocating please? I’m not finding it, though I am still reading about it. :frowning:

So, obscure guy dead for two decades is now getting free advertisement from you, who claim to hate him a lot. I didn’t even know about him until this thread.

I checked the link. It looks like a comedy page. I am not sure what is it that they sell.

Care to give me the Cliff Notes on this whole deal?

Seriously, the links you provided look like time cube crank sites. I tried reading through them but I couldn’t make heads or tails of them. Here’s the wiki for Worldwide Church of God, reading through that they do seem cultish and I feel for you if your parents were heavily involved with those people.

I’ve been trying to glean things from the accounts listed on this page. I do wish the OP would give some details or at least give us more direct links to accounts that depict what they mean. :frowning:

I checked wikipedia too, lots of Original Research and No Reference warnings.

I’d heard of him from Martin Gardner’s Science: Good, Bad and Bogus. He was pretty whacked-out, kind of like Pat Robertson or Oral Roberts with a double-helping of hellfire and brimstone for anyone who wasn’t in his flock.

Not too surprisingly, his son and heir presumptive Garner Ted Armstrong turned into a randy little party animal and major embarrassment for dad.