Today, We Have Killer In Whitehouse

In 1963, Laura Welch was dating a young schoolmate name Michael Douglas. Laura ran a stop sign and hit a car driven “coincidentally” by that boyfriend, and killed Michael. Ms. Welch – who later married an alcoholic, and whose 2 children have each been arrested repeatedly for alcohol related incidents – is reported to have been sober. No tests were performed. Ms. Welch received NO CITATION although the accident was attributed to her recklessness. Laura Welch married George W. Bush and has been the First Lady since her husband lost the 2000 election by 1/2 million votes. or more mainstream

Link to Cecil’s Column: Have we ever had a killer in the White House? – CKDH

That first page you linked to seems to be making the claim that the headlight configuration on the 1962 Corvair is unique, and that therefore she could have recognized his car and aimed for him specifically. But the Snopes article on this subject says the headlight configuration was typical, with a picture to show what it looked like.

Personally, I have no idea either way, but Snopes is usually pretty reliable.

Man, you are so out of touch. Everybody knows she’s in theIlluminati. That little car wreck pales in comparison the the hits she’s carried out for them…

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Just shows us that Nader was right about the Corvair. :wink:

Are we sure Grant never killed anyone in battle? After all, he started the Civil War at a fairly low rank - Lt. Colonel, maybe - which was still a front line position. I actually remember accounts of higher ranks, even Generals, leading charges with sabre and revolver in hand, so it’s certainly possible.

I heard once (sorry, no cite) that Truman once accidentally shot and killed a classmate while practicing with a rifle.

Nader has never been right about anything, especially the Corvair. That little car was ahead of its time and is now pretty much a collector’s item.

Not to mention spouses and family members of people who work in the White House. (The First Lady isn’t a public official, after all-she’s just along for the ride …)

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  1. Grant didn’t spend much time below the general rank in the Civil War, and didn’t see any fighting as a colonel. The one time his regiment advanced on a confederate position, the confederates abandoned the position without a fight. He was a brigader general by July 1861, and after Ft. Donelson in February of 1862, a major general, which greatly llimited the chance that he would come under fire. However, he served as a lieutenant and captain in front-line units in the Mexican War, and so it’s quite possible that he killed someone.
  2. What, no mention of Bill Clinton?!?!?! Didn’t Rush Limbaugh PROVE that Bill (or maybe Hillary, I forget) killed Vince Foster? Plus hundreds of other people at the Whitewater massacre?

Just a correction to the OP.

G.W. Bush did not lose the 2000 election by 1/2 million votes. Although Al Gore received 543,895 more votes than Bush did, that is irrelevant. Bush received 271 Electoral College votes to the 266 Electoral College votes that Gore received.

Bush therefore won by a margin of five Electoral College votes. The historical context, of course, is that Bush won by a margin of five **very disputed ** Electoral College votes that he garnered by receiving more of the popular votes in the **heavily disputed ** Florida recount, which gave him 25 Electoral College votes.

Just trying to fight ignorance.

To be fair, Limbaugh usually has enough sense to steer clear of the real raving nutter conspiracy theories about Vince Foster and how she* was murdered.

*(The conspiracy theorists seem pretty sure that Hillary 1)was having an affair with Foster and 2)is a lesbian, ergo…)

You guys are all ignoring the important part here. Michael Douglas died! Catherine Zeta-Jones, come to me…