Today's been...GREAT.

Today’s been the best day I’ve had in a LOOOOONG time. I don’t know why, not much has really happened. I got up around 10:30, packed my car full of supplies I purchased last night, then went to the park and waited around for thirtyfive minutes for the rest of the gang to show up. My old roomate Alex was in town this weekend, and my friend Harriss wanted to have a barbecue, so while I waited for H to show up with the meat, I just sat outside in the sun. The sun and I don’t get along AT ALL, and the bees were a little bothersome, but I didn’t mind. Eventually, Harriss showed up, Alex showed up, a few more showed up, and my old friend Ruth showed up. I haven’t seen her in years almost. She looked really good. I ate hot dogs for the first time in Lord knows how long, had a cheeseburger, some carrots, some chips, and a lot of good conversation. Afterwards, we just hung out and flung the frisbee around, and I got to catch up on Ruth’s life some more. A lot of my friends have become teachers once they graduated (not much job opportunity for Advertising and RTF majors it seems), but she’s having a good time with it, and that’s what matters. Alex headed back to Dallas, Harriss and Erin went for a dip in Barton Springs, I walked Ruth back to her car and came home. Loaded up the fridge with the left overs (looks like I’ll be eating hot dogs for a while :)), then worked out with my bar a bit. Took a nice hot shower, and spent the last half hour just lounging around in my towel.
I feel really good.
Of course, I have to go to work in half an hour to the job I absolutely dispise, but you know what? I don’t really mind. I just feel really good. There are a few people I wish could have made it but didn’t (the usual “Yeah, I’d love to go…sorry I didn’t make it” crowd), but overall, I feel it was a success. The weather was absolutely wonderful, and I know I’ll be a little red for the next few days, but I don’t mind, it was well worth it. If there’s still time, get outside, enjoy the weather, and eat a hot dog.

Great, man! You’ve inspired me to fire up the grill.

Got to go look at some houses first. Sundays can be nice.