Today's News from Europe

My hometown paper, the Arab News puts all the European news on one page. Nice and compact. Consider what is in the paper today.

  1. The now-dead French President is shown in newly-released papers to have personally approved the destruction of the Rainbow Warrior in a New Zealand harbor. An activist was killed.

  2. Serbs in Belgrade noted the tenth anniversary of their mass-murder of 8,000 Muslims at Srebrenica by denying a) it happened, or b) we didn’t do it, or c) who cares. President Karadzic and General Mladic are still at large.

  3. The ETA has broken their truce with the Spanish government.

  4. A mysterious bomber in Italy failed to kill a little girl when the booby-trap he attached to her bike failed to explode. In the past he has booby-trapped boxes of chocolate and pens in the street (one child lost three fingers), a in a church (a girl lost an eye) and a flower pot in a graveyard (an old lady was injured).

  5. Police in London are making progress in identifying the little bits of people left after a number of bombs went off.

OK, so nasty people do nasty things everywhere. Could the Europeans please quit telling us Americans how superior their model for soicety is? Thank you very much.

I know this is the Pit but… wrong side of bed much?

Shit happens. Shit happens everywhere.

Wow, that paper really is scraping the barrel for ‘newsworthy’ stories. I can’t find anything anywhere about the Italian bomber. Two other stories are about events from many years ago.

Could the Americans please stop making sweeping generalisations about Europeans? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lamest Pitting Ever. Or a damn good contender.

Golly. Five whole things are happening on the entire continent of Europe.

All hail the Arab News, it’s obviously a fantastically in-depth newspaper. Bringing you all the important stories from all round the world.
Keep reading it. It might stop you posting shite on here.

Or perhaps Sunni?

The Europeans are at least as least as screwed up as the Americans. That is all I am saying.

(I would really like to learn more about this Italian guy, a real head job. Somehow I bet it the fault of the CIA.)

Superior for what? And which Europeans? European Countries are actually still countries, and *even more different * from each other than States in the U.S.

Excuse me while I hijack my own thread. I have found some mention of this Italian bomber. A darn sick puppy.

Here bobby-trapped hazelnut butter
Here the bicycle

Far more so, it seems…multiple bomb attacks and he still hasn’t killed anyone? Now that guy really has screwed up.

Umm, Paul… how did you make that jump? From European news in a Saudi paper to Europeans being as screwed as Americans? Not that I want to start an argument as to who’s more screwed up or anything but…

I don’t get it… :confused:

Or are you just saying that there are arseholes in Europe?

no shit!

By any chance, is Brett Kimberlin (one-time Speedway Bomber) living in Italy now?

This sounds like his style.

Hmmm…let’s take another Arab perspective, shall we? Al Jazeera’s news front page right now has the Srebrenica massacre as its splash. One metion of the London bombs, Turkey and the EU, and the Luxembourg referendum are the other headlines concerning Europe. Wow, it’s clearly one shithole of a continent. Brazil, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, the Phillipines and Indonesia all get a look-in, too, so that’s South America and Asia also no longer allowed to criticise America, according to Paul in Saudi’s logic.

How come we never hear about the arseholes that live in Australia, Asia or Greenland. Yeah, Greenland, I’m talkin’ about you! You can’t be the only country that doesn’t have any arseholes!

The Italian Unabomber is one sick individual.

Look, it’s really very simple.
We get to see boobies on TV; how could there be any question as to whose model of society is superior.

Don’t forget about the weather girls that strip down during the forecast!

It is the height of civilization!

Well, your right. Bobbies certainly trumps the Marshal Plan and Sauk Vaccine. You got me there :smiley:

Sure, but offhand I don’t see a lot of Europeans (leaders or otherwise) going around telling the rest of the world how their way is superior to all others and circumventing nations and international organizations that don’t agree with them.

That’s because Bushie ain’t seeing boobies on TV.

/not a bush basher.

//don’t flame me.

Now wait a minute. You talk about blowing up the Greenpeace boat as if it was a bad thing…