Today's News from Europe

I don’t often agree with Maud’Dib, but this time he’s got a point. Remember, much like fish, Hippies don’t feel pain like humans do. However, they do make a whole lot more noise when you stick a fishhook in their lip, so don’t try this at home after ten. Your neighbors are trying to sleep.

Bobbies are English policemen and if you want to keep your vaccine, the UK can keep Penicillin :stuck_out_tongue:

(We are being much too nice to each other for the Pit. I would hate for the thread to be closed for a courtesy violation.)

Fernando Pereira, the Dutch photographer who was killed as a result of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, probably thought it was a bad thing.

But his eerily-similar sounding Portuguese colleague, Fernando Pereira, probably didn’t mind so much. I guess.

The Greenpeace Australia site says that he was Dutch, though originally from Portugal.

Yes… But was he a hippie? :dubious:

You don’t? Really? It’s an almost daily occurance to hear other countries say how wrong the U.S. is on a slew of policies and actions. How is that not a way of saying they have the better policy ideas? Circumventing nations? You do realize the Security Council is pretty powerful in global policy?

And just to give everyone a head’s up: Lichtenstein.

I’m tellin’ ya. Those Lichtensteinians have been plotting for years! When’s the last time you’ve heard news from Lichtenstein? That’s right. You haven’t. They’re laying low and building for world domination. I’ve been warning of this for years, but everyone just keeps ignoring the battle cry. Fine. Keep your fancy-schmancy tinfoil hats. Us rational people can see the truth.

See, the fact that little Lichty never makes international headlines is the repressive regime in place! The puppet government installed by our future alien overlords have complete thought control over the populace. There is no straying from the ultimate goal of domination.

Fear them, folks. Fear them. Your future depends on these words!


Greenland: 783 results, top headline involves a polar bear hunt
Leichtenstein: 237, top story - Liverpool’s pre-season friendly
They’ve got their cover in place, alright…

This adds nothing, but…*
I can just see Cartman screaming this to start a competition between Jimmy and Timmy to see which can find the most support groups for the ailments they suffer.

*South Park reference for those not in the know.

Let’s not forget the Belgians.

They are just a hot bed of revolt waiting to happen. With their waffle makers and bikes.

So if you are part of a group that plans and executes a bombing killing a non combatant in another nation in order to achieve a political goal, you are a…?

Too bad I don’t know your location so I can’t lampoon the foreign news coverage of your poorer quality papers.


I see your Lichtenstein, and I raise you Rhode Island. Is there anything else there except Quahog and toll roads? I have my doubts as to it’s actual existence.

…the former French President François Mittérand

And the Leichtensteiners too. :slight_smile:

Leichtensteiners don’t they do that pop-art with a comic book theme?

CIA Agent Luis Posada Carriles?

Ashcroft was covering them up. :slight_smile:

Is this Italian thing for real? Explosives in a can of tomato paste? Explosives without an igniter?