Today's Weird Earls -- Penis Estimator

OK, I have to admit that I tried today;s Weird Earl entry:

I think it came out in the right range (I’m not going to go running around looking for a ruler now. And my daughter’s awake. ) I’m not surprised that correlation coefficients can be found between body parts – heck, I’ve used such correlation coefficients (using dimensions of three other body parts) when did my work on the physics of karate. I’m just amazed that they work with such rough estimates as this site uses. I’d’a thought the error bars would come out bigger.
Anybody else try this one out?

Sweet, they estimated me about 2 inches too big. This will be my new pickup line.
“Hey Baby, the internet says my dork is 8.3 inches long. So, howabout it?”
Between that and Colt 45 Malt Liqour, I may never spend another night alone.

They estimated mine to be a little larger than it really is…

wow… mine’s about right… 6.1-6.7, but i estimated my nose and hand.

They got Mr. Bugnorton 100% correct. Isn’t technology amazing?

It estimates about 2 inches too short on me. But I’m not so sure about the size of my other appendages; perhaps I estimated wrong.

I thought I did read somewhere recently (an article linked on FARK maybe) that it had been disproven that there’s any correlation between the wang and other part sizes.

Well I’m disappointed, since it gave a teeny weeny size for me, yet I have a HUGE COCK.

I have small hands (all the better to grasp my HUGE COCK with and shake it all over the place), a proportionate nose, and small feet. Yet I have this HUGE COCK (that I have to carry round in a wheelbarrow).

Just goes to show how wrong the internet can be.

Did I mention that I have a HUGE COCK?

Well damn. Turns out the website was right after all: I was measuring in centimetres when I though I was measuring inches. And it seems the wheelbarrow was from my nephew’s GI Joe set. :mad:

obviously jjim took a 10 minute break between posts to play with his…


Estimated me one-and-a-half inches too short. Hmph, it’s a crappy site anyway :mad: :wink:

preconceptions, is the word you’re looking for.

no no no

just looking at the clock is all =)

Pretty much in the right range for me: twixt 7.6 and 8.2, and 8 is what I got, but I have to really strain to get there! :smiley:


Uh… I don’t know the size (in cm) of my aquaintance’s hands, feet, or noses.

It was waaaaaay off the mark on the peni I have access to.

How do you measure your hands? From what point to what point? And your nose, for that matter?

It was right on the money for me.

I still think a better estimatator is the formula that says penis size is inversly proportionate to the size of one’s truck or SUV.


Oops! Make that penis, as in just one.

Sized me to big also, not that I mind or anything.

Sooo… if I broke my nose, does that mean my Little_Squirrel lost 1/2"?
What? :slight_smile: