ToddlerNym is really sick.


Saturday she started vomiting at 1pm, wouldn’t keep anything down, not even Pedialite.

We took her to the emergency room at 8pm where I had to hold her down while they inserted an IV and took blood. They had to tape a board to her arm so she wouldn’t bend the arm with the IV. She also had a pulse monitor on her big toe.

Have any of you ever seen a toddler-size hospital gown? Despite the smiling face of Ronald McDonald and the Hamburgler, it’s still pretty pathetic.

She kept down a cup of water after getting 400mL of saline, and they sent us home. She kept saying, “Me wanna go home, NOW!”

Today, she’s eaten about 75% of an English muffin over the course of the day, a teaspoonful of chicken broth and maybe 4oz of liquid in all. She refuses jello, ice cream and strawberries (her fav.). She’s still having wet diapers, so I’m not so concerned about dehydration, especially since she’s not vomiting now. She now has a low temp, but I pinned her down and forced liquid tylenol on her, so it’s under control.

She’s terribly down and lethargic. She isn’t talking much and I can’t get her to smile, even when I tickle her. She drew with markers a little bit, but she doesn’t even want to paint…which she usually bugs me to for hours on end.

All she wants to do is watch TV and lay on me. She’s asleep now, my husband left for Boston, and I haven’t taken a shower since yesterday morning.

She’s never been sick like this. It’s horrible and I can’t help her w/o her thinking it’s torture.

What was the diagnosis?

I know exactly where you are…when Claire was 2-1/2, she came down with some weird virus that kept her feverish, nauseous, and downright miserable for the better part of two weeks. As the stay at home dad, I spent the greater part of the time trying to keep her comfortable…not fun.
I’m sure you are aware how amazingly resilient little kids are, and I’m sure this will pass…just keep those liquids going.
(((((toddlerNym, too)))))

They have no idea. I have to take her to her regular doc tomorrow, maybe he’ll have some idea.

Thanks MikeG, it’s just so hard…I feel so bad for her.

I’m sorry to hear it, Sue. ToddlerNym and you have my best wishes.

Sue, you know I’m right nearby. If you need me to run any errands or bring over some homemade soup just say the word. I hope toddlernym is getting better. Please do not hesitate.


You are being a supergreat mommy and giving the baby everything she needs. You will get her through this rough patch and she will be up and painting the floors ceilings and toes. All will be great with the world.
Sending great thoughts your way. You are doing your best, and that is more than good enough.


Poor Sue! {{{{{{{{{{Sue}}}}}}}}}}

I’m sure you’re doing everything possible for your little angel. I’m sorry you had to go through the emergency room ordeal with her. Let us know what the doctor says about her tomorrow–I’ll be keeping you and ToddlerNym in my thoughts.

Holding a positive thought for you both.

{{{{{{{Sue Duhnym}}}}}}}

You have my best wishes and prayers with you too!!

You all better be in yur best form when you come to visit us here in Istanbul as well!!..
(just a reminder that a watermelon never forgets!!!)

My very best to you and ToddlerNym, Sue.


I know exactly how you feel. I have three kids and everytime one of them gets sick you wonder to yourself if this is the big one that’s finally going to do them in. Especially if you have to take them to the hospital. I remember having to take Marybeth to the ER because she was sick and dehydrated as well. But she knew that we were doing the absolute best for her and all she really wanted was me there to hold her hand while they put the IV needle in.

And sometimes that’s the best thing you can do.

Let us know how everything turns out!

It sounds as if Toddlernym has a good mommy taking care of her, and sometimes for the child that’s half the battle. When I was very little and my Mom took care of me I didn’t worry, because she was a NURSE and, as a child, I KNEW things would be okay. I’ll be thinking of both of you, and will send up a prayer too. Keep us posted.

Sometimes, a mommy’s love is just what the doctor ordered.

all my best,

(((( Sue ))))

I am the father of two grown children, my wife and I remember the times they were sick like it was yesterday. I am very sure your little darling is in the best possible hands.

Sue, you and your child have my prayers. From one parent to another.

Well I’m sorry that your toddler is sick, but I am also reassured by the fact she is drinking fluids and starting to eat. These childhood illnesses are often more trying for the parents than the child, but there is nothing you say that makes me think that this is anything serious. It’s not easy when your child is down and lethargic but I assure you this is temporary. Don’t be surprised if they can’t find an exact cause – the usual suspects are ear infections, (strep) throat inferctions, RSV (a respiratory virus common this time of year) and stomach flu – suggested by the vomiting, especially if there was stomach pain or diarrhea too. If the vomiting was very forceful, pyloric stenosis is a possibility between the ages of 1-6 months or so.

Still. you have my every sympathy. But your child herself in a couple days.

Ugh, it’s so sad and distressing when they’re sick and can’t understand why–or why the treatment feels so awful!

I spent long, awful hours thinking about this after a family we know lost their daughter to leukemia when she was barely over two. She was diagnosed at 18 months. 18 MONTHS! I think it’s awful when any child gets sick, but it seems especially cruel when they’re too little to understand or be soothed with words or understand why they have to stay in their hospital bed. I asked a pediatric nurse I knew how could she stand to go to work every day? How did she do it? But she said there are so many happy endings, those make it worth it. But she cried a lot, regularly, over her work.

I couldn’t do it. I absolutely could not do it. I can barely survive being a mom to one.

Hope Little Nym feels better very soon.

{{{{{Sue Duhnym}}}}}

Laying on Mommy is very soothing, and I agree with the others who say she will be feeling better soon, so don’t expend too much of your remaining energy worrying.

Yes, giving them the treatment they need can often feel like you are torturing your little one, but you’re the mommy, it’s your job. :wink: She will understand eventually, even if she gets upset at the moment.

Do make sure you take care of yourself while you’re taking care of her. It won’t help anybody if you get sick too.

And go get yourself cleaned up, take her with you if that wouldn’t harm anything. A nice refreshing shower or soothing bath could do wonders for both of you.