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I’ve always heard that toejam football is English slang for the sport rugby. Anyone else think this?

Cecil’s original column can be found at What is “toejam,” as in “toejam football”?

I’ve never heard rugby referred to with the term, but I’m not particularly British. A fairly thorough Google search doesn’t show any toejam football/rugby connection, for what it’s worth.

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Toejam football = rugby? Because your toes can get jammed in someone’s face?

Maybe one of our British dopers can enlighten us, but I’ve never heard that. A web search on pages containing “toejam” and “rugby” only found a bunch of pages listing computer games, since there are games with the word rugby and another computer game called Toejam and Earl.

Actually, I am British. Although it isn’t a well-used phrase, it has cropped up as being slang for rugby a couple of times.

Mikell,it seems likeliest to me that the term got used for rugby because of the song, not the other way around. Is there any evidence of it being used before the Beatles?

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