Toilet "creature" from Paranormal Caught on Camera S04E11 - it's just a friggin' snake, right? (video link included)

I love my Mom more than anything or anyone on Earth, but she’s pretty credulous.
I was talking to her and she was talking about what a strange creature they showed on “Paranormal Caught on Camera”. So I found it and… well, it just looks a snake. It’s filmed blurry (as “paranormal” things tend to be), so maybe it looks a little misshapen, but…
You can watch the segment here:

Anybody have a good argument that it’s not just a freakin’ snake?

Nope. Moves like a snake. Looks like a snake that recently ate . . . a lot.

Also, it’s not coming from the toilet, it’s coming from the shower. Maybe they explained that in the show – I only watched the video of the “creature.”

Also, they captured it and released it, so, I’m guessing they weren’t all that mystified by it.

Jeepers. That footage looks like it was shot on a Fisher-Price KiddyKam sealed within a dirty Ziploc bag.

Or maybe the producers “dirtied” the image a bit to make it look more sinister and creepy.

Definitely a snake.



Is the whole series like this? Bc if so, I gotta start putting them on my queue.

Yes. Marathons on Tues/Thurs on Travel Channel.