Toilet paper over or under?

Personally I think the “under” people are sick freaks.:stuck_out_tongue:

Mods I meant to put this in IMHO.


Over, simply because I don’t want the hanging end to touch the wall where it might pick up condensation after someone takes a shower.

Curious as to whether there is a male/female split on this question. Anecdotally, it seems that men prefer it over, and women prefer it under. No idea if this is true, or, if it is, why.

Actually men generally prefer that it be somewhere within arms’ reach. It really doesn’t have to be on the roller at all.

This is a silly game.

I’m the only one to vote “don’t care” so far?

I had no idea anyone really cared.

If it’s over, the cat thinks it should be unrolled. If it’s under, this doesn’t happen. Under for us.
I would have posted this into the dumb pet thread, but it reeks of cute.

Under-rolling is no defense

My cat didn’t get the memo.

Over, but I never tell anyone I’m living with that, unless they say “over” first. When it comes to little nits like this, it’s best to use reverse psychology and say “under” or “don’t care” virtually guaranteeing it’ll be over thereafter.

I’ve never had a cat show any interest in the roll, so that’s not an issue.

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I said over, but really it’s “resting on the towel rack six feet in the air because I have a particularly tenacious cat.” I didn’t see that option, so “over” it is.

I voted over. None of my cats care about unrolling it, but if it’s just on the back of the toilet one of them will grab it and run away with it. So, it has to be in the holder whether it’s over or under anyway, and I still find teeth marks.

In our house we like over (people, the patterns on toilet paper are printed or quilted so that flowers grow “up” when the roll is placed “over”), but it was under when the kids were small. Like the kittens above, they liked to unroll it…

However, in our master bathroom it is under because the holder is on the opposite wall and closer to the toilet, so it rolls funnily and is hard to tear off if it is over.

I am over as well, mostly because I don’t like to turn the light on at night when I use the bathroom and it is easier to find the end of the toilet paper if it is over.

Over, it’s just so much neater.

My wife prefers under, so I think BrotherCadfael is onto something.

(Fortunately, I have managed to impose my will in this one small area of the household. Small victories…)

Under because it’s easier to spin the roll.

Shit’s about to get real in this thread.

I guess I’m just too relaxed to care greatly about it so I take a pragmatic view.

Whoever changes the roll gets to decide how it gets mounted. Anyone with a problem with that can change it the way they think it needs to go.**

There isn’t. The last time we did this poll, just a couple of months ago, more than 85% of people prefered it over, so it can’t be gender dependent.