Toilet Paper

Frankly I’m a little surprised this hasn’t popped up as a poll before.


I’ll vote “yes.”

Our roll sits on top of the tank. There is no “over” or “under”. It’s all sideways.

However, you’ve made me think of a great poll!

Over. I’ve called my husband a heathen before cause he insists it goes on the back of the toilet. It’s hard to reach back there if you sit down for everything!


But I don’t use it. I use andrex moist wipes.

You mean pooped up in a poll.


Unless there is a cat in the house. Then it’s always under.

That reminds me

What is this toilet paper that everyone speaks of?

Oh, and let me shake your hand.

Why didn’t you add as a poll option “don’t really care”? Because that’s me. If it makes it to the roll we’re lucky, often times it sits right on top of the laundry basket.

Paperwork done!

Over is the only correct way. If wipe # 1 results in your hands getting a little soiled, then you’re much less likely to dirty the wall when you grab the paper for wipe # 2 if the paper is hanging over the roll.

Three people have apparently voted “heathen” but have not shown themselves. I want to know whom not to invite to my house. :wink:

ETA: Uh, nevermind. Public poll.

I also have no strong preferences. I always put in on as an under, because I was raised in a house where that’s what was taught. But if I get it backwards by mistake or see that someone else has put it on the other way, I don’t change it. I can’t imagine caring that much.

I say that even though my Dad cared very much which way it went. If I had put it on wrong as a child, it would have been changed back. If I had done it wrong twice, there would have been words.

Actually, my true answer is: I rarely hang it. But when I do, under.

under is better. with over especially on a well used roll it rolls out too much and you can’t get a good snap to tear. from under a good positive snap up will tear and not spin out extra.

And on a lighter note: Should the US invade Iran?

Under. It looks neater and you can get a good “tear-snap”. Over sometimes you get more than you asked for.

Plus, cats.

I’m an Over girl. My parents are Nazi Under people and every time I visit and put the TP on over, they immediately change it to under. So I’ve taken to not even putting a new roll on as I refuse to capitulate to the Underers pressure…

Interesting percentages on the poll… thanks to all who voted for providing ammo for my household cold war. :smiley: