Toilet roll, whither does it hang?

Over the top or hanging under, I didn’t realise it was an issue of such consequence :wink:

I let hang over the top, girlfriend does otherwise. I find that hanging it so it hangs out the bottom, leads to an unsightly tear when pulled and is an example of form over function. The leverage offered by pulling roll hanging over the top is superior IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

Over the top, as any self-respecting cat household will tell you…

I grew up in an ‘over the top’ family but converted when I married the husband.
At first I rebelled, but then came to realize the error of my ways; it’s much easier to grab TP when it hangs underside.


If you have cats, it must hang from the bottom. I find a bottom hang also aids in a neat and unsightly tear and less waste.

Strange, I find a less neat tear comes from a bottom hanging roll…

Over the top, specially if your TP hanger is one of those with the “lid” that provides an edge for cutting it.

I meant to say “less” unsightly tear. My tear usually doesn’t show at all. But I need to give the roll a “starter spin” usually, because the end is totally hidden. It’s worth it to not find a half roll of paper on the floor.

Ann Landers regreted ever taking up this subject. No consensus was ever reached, and if she couldn’t come up with a satisfying answer, nobody can. She did point out that print patterns don’t show if you have it drop down the wall side. I have to add that paper against the wall is going to aid the wall getting soiled where touched all the time. As for which way should it always be despensed? Who gives a shit, besides the control freaks?

We have a friend who turns our roll over to his preferred “over the top” placement every time he takes a dump at our house. I return it to the right position and bitch him out every time.

Um, your not suppose to hang the toilet paper after you used it.

Over the top at first glance may seem like the correct way, but if you really look into it having the sheets come from the bottom is far superior. Also as pointed out it’s the only way to go with cats.

At least he doesn’t steal it.

Overshot. It’s easier to get at the perforations that way to tear off a strip. I also like the look better so it’s win-win.

Our cat has always been more into protecting the house from the ferocious assaults of an entire toilet roll on the floor, so no real impact on which way it goes on the holder.

(but his wife has been known to steal it from public restrooms. :eek: )

As a bachelor I have solved this problem by neatly not bothering to hang it. :slight_smile:

really, come on now.

it all depends on where the roll is situated that determines how the tp is installed. is it to your side? Is it in front of you requiring a lean forward? I have found when the tp dispenser is mounted low on the wall is easier to pull when the tp hangs over the top. When mounted higher up, an over the top installation may get thr roll rolling without an end so let the tp hang from below and behind.

Others may use a stand so it sits flat, but then argue over whether it dispenses from the left or the right.

Oh can i mention a petpeeve? The toilet lid should be shut at all times when not in use, man woman boy or girl shut the lid(s) after you go!

I dunno what’s the matter with the folks’ new kitty. She could care less about toilet paper.

Maybe it’s that she’s 9 years old and mainly just lies around in a heap and licks herself.

Meh… I couldn’t care less.
GrizzWife, on the other hand, insists that it dispense wall-side rather than over-the top; and so it is thus in the GrizzHouse.

You type very well for a cat. :smiley:

Not at all. If it happens to cut off short, you have to reach up and under (ow) or else do the spin to get it started again, whereas if you cut it off short when it’s over the top, you can reach and restart the short end easily. I had to fix a short-rip situation yesterday at work where some loon has gone for the ‘under’ setup.

And the pattern argument is the definitive proof that it’s meant to be over the top. It’s also closer to you - how can ‘under’ be better when it results in the TP being further from your reach?