Tom Smith - inventor of the Christmas cracker

Does anyone know the birth and death dates of Tom Smith, inventor of the Christmas cracker? :confused: I’ve searched the Net but can’t find anything on his dates.

Adam D

What’s a christmas cracker?? :confused:

Cannot find his exact birth date but from this link :-

It must have been in the 1820’s. No luck about when he died but at least this link will tell Sassafras all about the Christmas cracker.

Ahhh . Learn something new every day. I had never heard of a “christmas cracker” before ! :smack:

How can you have Christmas without crackers? No stupid hats, no silly plastic toys to fight over, no really bad jokes to amuse you and yours with? I can’t imagine such a Christmas.

Like Xmas Fortune Cookies, crossed with Crackerjack.

That explode.

Except instead of a fortune you get a really bad knock-knock joke.

And they don’t actually explode…they just make a bang loud enough to send the dog running. :smiley: