Tom Swifties!

The rules:

  1. No looking them up elsewhere - just what’s between your ears, or what you can make up.
  2. One per post.

Kicking things off…

“The Royal Navy’s seizure of American sailors was a major cause of the War of 1812,” Tom said impressively.

“I’ve dropped the toothpaste!” said Tom, crestfallen.

My favourite: “I make work surfaces for kitchens,” Tom said counterproductively.

I have no idea if this is original but how about:

“That Australian burger tasted rather odd,” said Tom ruefully.

“I do not care for Daniel Day Lewis’ acting,” said Tom, methodically.

“I’ve lost my flower,” said Tom, lackadaisically.

“I’ve plaited my hair!” Tom brayed.

“I love the time after sunrise,” said Tom, mournfully.

“I can’t believe I’m going to drown, right here in Cairo,” Tom said in denial.

“I wish I had a BB gun,” Tom said lackadaisically.

“Darn power saws,” Tom said offhandedly.

And my all time champeen fave…

“Coming, Mother!” Oedipus ejaculated blindly.

“Well, I didn’t expect the JM Barrie play to end like that,” said Tom, deadpan.

“I can’t take the exam; my pencil is broken,” said Tom, pointlessly.

“I withdraw the statement,” Tom exclaimed.

“I drive a 20-year-old Chevy,” said Tom, cavalierly.

“My favorite beers are from Oregon,” Tom said roguishly.

“I’ve got lots of dish detergent,” Tom said joyfully.

Okay, I just made these up.

“This beer was made with too many hops!” Tom said bitterly.

“My former girlfriend was always quoting from Wikipedia,” Tom said excitedly.

“I’m a big fan of open source software,” Tom admitted freely.

“I caught a great white shark!” Tom said superficially.

“I’m likely to be eaten by a grue,” said Tom, darkly.

“Rounding up cattle with an airplane is really scary,” whispered Tom, terrified of being overheard.