Tomato milkshakes

I had a brainwave today. There are many dishes that contain both milk and tomatoes, and they taste very good. So I’m thinking a tomato milkshake-type beverage would be a winner, no? Is there already a drink like this in existence?

I see where you’re going, but don’t such dishes usually also have other seasonings in the milk/tomato sauce?

There’s the Bloody Mary. It’s not thick like a milkshake, there’s no milk in it, it’s spicy not sweet, but it does have the tomatoes.

Lots of people do the smoothie thing.

Give it a try it just might work, crazier concoctions have been made before for sure. Perhaps mix your tomato juice with milk, tabasco, and vodka for a kind of milky bloody mary.

It might be good. I had an avacado milkshake at a restuarant once and once in a while I make my own.

I remember grandpa with his tomato garden…everyone jumping on those first tomatoes and gorging on BLT’s and tomato salad and pasta sauce!

Then about mid-July and into August, he was dumping crates of tomatoes on strangers’ doorsteps, just to get rid of the sudden influx of 900 pounds of tomatoes per day…

So while I understand your attempt to find yet another use for tomatoes, the idea of milk, ice cream and tomatoes sounds like something you drink if you have ingested poison and need to induce vomiting while waiting for the emergency vehicle to show up.

Sorry, but, uh, NO!

Tomatoes are pretty acidic. You may have problems with your milk curdling if you mix them straight. With tomato soups and sauces, they’re generally mixed warm (but not boiling hot, and the tomato and milk should be at the same temperature to start with). Some recipes also call for adding a small amount of baking soda to the tomatoes first, to neutralize some of the acid, but that will introduce salts to the mix–not a problem in a soup, but maybe not the flavor you’re looking for in a milkshake. A general recommendation seems to be adding the tomatoes to the milk while mixing, rather than the other way around. Using low fat milk also seems to be contraindicated.

The only way to know for sure is to experiment, though. I’ve made stranger things in my kitchen. I still think I can make the dessert ramen work

:smack: * I coulda hadda V-8!*

I’ll drink your milkshake.
Not really, but it hadn’t been thrown in yet. Why don’t you make them with blueberries? Blueberries have antioxidants!

The Ingalls family in the Little House series would eat tomatoes with cream and sugar. I just can’t imagine.

It sounds repulsive. Sorry.

Just add some tomato jam to vanilla ice cream, and see how you like that. If it works for you, add milk and blend.

Blech… I know tomato is technically a fruit, but I don’t think it would be my first choice for a milkshake.

Better thing to do with fresh tomatoes? squeeze the juice out of them. Fresh tomato juice, without pulp, tastes nothing like that stuff in the can. Serve over ice, preferably with a shot of vodka and a sprig of fresh basil for a garnish, yum yum!

I haven’t played with a milk shake version, but tomatoes make an excellent sorbet and no one can guess what the fruit base is. The addition of sugar throws off the taste buds to where the taste is familiar but you can’t quite place it.

Add a little avocado ( 1/2 or less, more yields a giveaway vegetal taste) for a silken texture.

Strawberries are fairly acidic, but don’t cause an ice cream base to seperate/curdle before churning so the pH shouldn’t be problematic. I think your main challenge will be the higher moisture content tomatoes have which could yield grainy water crystals and throw off the necessary fat % for smoothness.

Maybe tomato paste for the flavor and a garniture of half dried candied tomato bits?

It’s been done. But skimming over the recipe, would say the sugars a typo or this isn’t intended as a sweet.

Will it bring all the boys to the yard?

I would drink a tomato milkshake - I like milk, I like ice cream, I like tomatoes - I’d give it a go.

We used to eat tomatoes with sugar, too - we didn’t add cream, though.

Seconded. I came in here to say that the thread title alone appalled me.

I can’t see why you couldn’t do something kugelish with ramen.

As for the OP, I think I’d use sun dried tomatoes, which tend to be pretty darn sweet, then rehydrate them before making the smoothie. I dunno. I’m not entirely sold, but I don’t think it’s impossible.