Curry flavoured Coffee - Or weird combos that could be either great or terrible.

I Have just had a golden vegetable cup-a-soup with some curry powder sprinkled in it. THIS is a fairly normal combo.

But seeing the empty cup and the jar of Curry Powder on my desk together got me thinking.

So do you think sprinkling some of the powder into a cup of coffee would make it the drink from the seventh circle of Hell, or would it have some weird tastebud warping way of actually improving it!

How about Curry Tea! (Now that one actually sounds a bit better… A cup of tea goes quite well with an actual curry)

I don’t think I’ll ever actually try either… Would you?
Suggest a weird food combination. The only rule is the seperate parts have to be edible or used as parts of something that is edible.

I used to joke with my young son when he’d ask what’s for dinner, and try to come up with outrageous food combinations. “Eeew!” One favorite response was “french-fried pickles, and acorn soup”. Later, I googled those terms, and was surprised to find recipes for french-fried pickles, and acorn soup. :eek:


BBQ flavored frosted Cheerios

Beef Jerky Ice Cream Sprinkles

Pumpkin Sorbet

I ground spices in my coffee grinder once and then used it for coffee after (I thought) cleaning it thoroughly. Curried coffee was not tasty, in my opinion.

However, I think curried tea would be okay. That’s essentially what “chai” is, anyway.

I’m a huge proponent of dark chocolate/chili powder, m’self.

That said, I once had a buddy who was into brewing, who attempted to combine chai spices and beer… Unfortunately, I never got to taste the end result of his epicurean experimentation, as he wound up having an issue with the brewing process itself for that whole batch. :frowning:

Pumpkin sorbet sounds like it could be amazing. There’s a restaurant here in the little state that could that was experimenting with an olive oil flavored gelato to serve with gazpacho. :eek:

Then again, this is the same place that decided to combine scallops and pomegranate, the very concept of which makes me glad to be a vegan.

On a similar note… A food combo that people already do… Beer in breakfast cereal. To me this is a WTF :eek: thing to do.

Does it actually taste good??

Hmm. You know, I could see that working with Guinness and Captain Crunch. That’s wrong, isn’t it?

Bacon ice cream. :slight_smile: (I’ll probably get talked into trying this one anyways, though, since The Boy is obsessed with the idea)

For the record, bacon chocolate isn’t really anything worth raving about. It’s not gross, but it’s not fantabulously good either.

In the book *Cannery Row *John Steinbeck has a character musing about strange food combinations like this. One is shrimp ice cream, but the one he eventually tries is a beer milk shake. I could see either one working.

One that I have gotten hung up on is pineapple-jalapeno mead.

I’ll let you know how it tastes once it has aged a little. :wink:

Well, by strict Indian food definitions, Masala Chai (Tea) is really a masala or curry tea. Meaning that it is a tea with a blend of spices (masala).

In the Middle East they put cardamom in coffee, and it’s not bad. I think if you stick to the aromatic end and leave out turmeric and cayenne you might be okay putting spices in coffee. Ethiopian berbere might be good. I might try this in the AM for kicks.

A former housemate made a batch of ale with a hint of cumin once, and it was awful.

I’m kind of a sucker for those General Foods International coffee mixes…

Maybe Qishr would be to your liking? It’s a spiced tea made from coffee bean husks.

Here’s a Good Recipe for Qishr (Ginger Coffee) made with regular coffee and powdered Ginger. The experimental food geek in me thinks it would only be improved with a teaspoon or so of Ground Cayenne Hot Pepper.

The single most correct single strict Indian Food Definition handbook?

No, curry powder is a masala… the anglicized meaning of curry has usurped the correct terminology, which is masala in this case.

Regarding the beer ice cream thing, there is a beer shake you can get here with I think it’s called Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and ice cream. Surprisingly good. But I am guessing that bud light + ice cream is not good :slight_smile:

Like you noted, some of those are known regional recipes. Fried pickles are common enough in the South and quite good. Acorns have been eaten from thousands of years in all kinds of things. They just have to be processed to make them less bitter beforehand.

Pumpkin Sorbet sounds like it could easily be great. I think you could get the BBQ flavored frosted Cheerios to work as well but just as snack food. Take a look at the cereal blend snack packs at your local gas station some time. They make all kinds of weird mixes including BBQ.

As much as I love beef jerky, I think that is the one part of your business proposal that may not make it.

Green pea and corn ice cream is widely available in China. Now and then an American too cheap to spring for a chocolate ice cream will buy one, and it’s really, really not worth it.

Okay then:

Okra sorbet. Take that.

Ben & Jerry’s already did a “Black & Tan” ice cream, which was basically Guinness-flavored. It was really damn good, too. I think they discontinued it. :frowning:

Gum and Nuts: Together at Last!

On a related note, malt liquor is surprisingly palatable, though you’d never believe in a million years that it would be.

Late thought: Okra Gelato. Yeah, that’s the stuff.


Wasabi Pea Smoothie

Southern Baked Alaska (ribs in meringue)