Curry flavoured Coffee - Or weird combos that could be either great or terrible.

-Hibiscus Cheese

-Tangerine and Balsamic Vinegar Chicken

-Coffee Bars TM®© (just like Chocolate bars, but Coffee beans ground fine with sugar and Milk, maybe some added emulsifiers)

-Chicken flavored cookies

  • Deed Fried Baked Beans.

Lindt Chocolates has The Excellence Chili Bar Generic Error chocolate & chili peppers.

Love, Phil

Here in Sweden they have a Lakritspuck - “licorice puck” - which is vanilla ice cream in a salt licorice shell. So we got a double whammy here - salt and licorice first (available in candy form as well) then the vanilla ice cream.

It’s good. Really. It’s surprising how well the flavors work together.

Hot Crab and Sweet Melon Soup.

A warm (temp) soup made with some kind of sweet melon (maybe watermelon, or mussmelon, or honeydew, or a mix) and crab chunks.

In the movie “Where’s Pappa?”, George Segal’s senile mother put pepsi on her Cocoa Puffs.

:smack: Malt liquor mixed with OJ :smack:

Tempura Circus Peanuts

Chicken Fried Eclair

Lucky Charms Chow Mein

Kimchee Jello Shots

Tuna Pancakes (my son thought that one up).

I put chocolate milk on granola once. That sounded pretty good. It was awful! How could it be bad, right? Oats, raisins, milk, chocolate, all good things. I had to put it down the disposer.

I recently saw a Food Network show about a company that makes rather unusual chocolate bars. They once tried combining chocolate with curry, which sounded like a good idea until they tasted it.

They have them at a Chinese bakery I’ve been to. Haven’t tried them.

If you’re talking 45 & OJ, I’ve got a better idea for you…

My SIL the corn freak makes vanilla ice cream with brown sugar and adds cream corn to it. It’s sorta like mixing pop corn and ice cream.

I had an ex-boyfriend who had been raised in Bhutan (he wasn’t Bhutanese himself).

He forever had a thing for buttered tea. I could barely look at him while he drank it. On top of that, he was always complaining about the lack of commercial yak butter in the United States. Apparently regular butter in his tea didn’t have the same “tang”.

Cadamom in coffee is awesome.

I used to own a pizza shop. We experimented with alot of combinations. One I was particularly fond of was Caramelized pear, bacon and gorgonzola on a white pie.

I’ve had Green Tea Chocolate once - it was exceptionally tasty. Unfortunately I don’t know where to go to get more. Not very sweet (this is a big plus, for me) but a rather subtle smooth taste.

I’ve put tomato juice in coffee once. In a spirit of confession I must admit that, since I had done it by accident, and it was to be the first coffee of the morning, I was a coward and threw it out without trying it. :smack:

Could it have been Vosges? They’re a very high falutin’ chocolate place in Chicago. (They may have other locations elsewhere.) Their stuff is fantastic and often very odd. Some friends and I got together last weekend and one of them had lugged with her a giant bag filled with Vosges chocolate. She apparently went insane at the sight of so much chocolate. Their curry chocolate was probably the least favorite, though.

My faves were the Barcelona Bar (it’s quite salty, which makes for an intriguing flavor) and Red Fire (chocolate + spicy peppers = yum).

Theo Chocolate makes a coconut curry chocolate bar. I’m not a fan (it’s based on milk chocolate, and I prefer dark), but it seems to be popular.

That actually sounds really, really good.