Curry flavoured Coffee - Or weird combos that could be either great or terrible.

See, I really like their curry chocolate. Then again, I really like their wasabi/ginger chocolate, too. Vosges exotic chocolate.

They also have a macha green tea chocolate, which is very nice. I haven’t screwed up the courage to try any of the salty ones, though. I should though, because I didn’t think I’d like spicy pepper / dark chocolate flavor combination either, and now it’s one of my favorite flavors. I tried it first in a specialty ice cream (Sweet Occasions in Chicago, which sadly appears to have gone belly-up just about a week ago), and now I make dark chocolate cayenne brownies at home all the time.

Would that be a Redneck Screwdriver? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite the same thing, but we have a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar here, which is your standard chocolate wafers, but with coffee flavouring added.

We have Tiger Tiger ice cream here, which is swirls of black licorice and orange flavours. It’s rather vile.