Tommy Kirk has died

The child star of Old Yeller has passed.

For anyone else thinking wasn’t that a week ago, and didn’t someone already post about it?. Apparently no, at least not in a separate thread.

I did a search in CS, but no hits. The guy had a troubled life, for sure. I’m surprised that it didn’t show up in my NYT feed until today.

Wonder if old Yeller is at the Rainbow Bridge?

Maybe it was in the Celebrity Death thread? I know I responded to a post about it somewhere here.

Other than the “Last remaining cast member” post I linked to in my reply?

He lost the role of the youngest brother in the Sons of Katie Elder. Losing a role with John Wayne was a big setback. It could have helped Kirk transition to adult roles… Today getting caught with pot wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) - Trivia - IMDb

RIP Tommy

There are a few mentions scattered in here.