Tomorrow, I go to prom

Well, the title says pretty much everything.
Except how excited I am.
When I was in high school (lo, those 12 months ago), I didn’t go to prom. Why? I didn’t have any girl I cared about, and didn’t see any reason to take someone I didn’t just so I could say “I went to prom.” What did I do instead? Had beer and a stripper (not “had” in some sexual sense you pervs. We hired one) with half a dozen other guys in a similar boat.
A while back, a friend of mine (who I had asked out several months prior, but she didn’t want a relationship (with anyone, and since she’s been single since, I believe it) at the time, so we end up as friends, but I still care for her) starts mentioning prom: “Prom’s coming up!” “I need to get a dress for prom!” out of the blue. I don’t really say much, because if she’s going with someone else, I don’t want to know about it, and figured the odds of a conversation like: “Who are you going with?” “Depends on if you ask me” were pretty slim. Anyway, she asks me to go with her, which brings us (well, really just me) back to where we started.
I’m going to prom, with a girl I care for, and couldn’t be happier.

Have fun!

Since the OP pretty much sums everything up, I’ll address a side issue: is “prom” an article-free word? We always spoke of THE prom – “Are you going to the prom?” “The prom is next week” and so forth. Do most people refer to it as simply “prom” or “the prom”? (And my apologies if this gets this moved to IMHO).

My daughter’s prom was 3 weeks ago. We just got the portraits this past Monday. My baby looked so grown up with her hair piled on her head and the rather elegant dress and jewelry! I never went to one myself - never even dated in high school, but that’s another story. She’s been to 2 already, and I know she’s looking forward to her last one next year.

Have a wonderful time! It’s great that you’ve gotten this chance to attend.

<— was about to hijack…and post about 3 sucky proms…

but that would be one for the Pit…
I hope you have a good time…

Merge, FairyChatMom, Twickster, I’ll do my best on the fun front.
Only 10 1/2 hours till I pick her up…not that I’m counting or anything.
And since I’m in college, don’t even have school today, so I don’t have to try and rush getting ready. I gots all the time in the world to post on SDMB.

Actual question here, rather than me sharing pointless stuff: The group (somewhere between 6 and 10 people) is going to meet at a park for pictures before dinner. My mom was wondering if she could come and take some. What do y’all think? I realize that showing up with your mom isn’t exactly the coolest thing, but since I’m assuming someone’s parents will be shooting the film, one more wouldn’t hurt. Or would it?

Man, that sounds so incredibly nerdy… [Some dorky guy (I’m thinking Kyle 2 from South Park) voice]C-cc-c-can my mommy come with us? [/dorky voice]

I’m guessing there will be parents aplenty in the photo-op section of the entertainment – go for it. Your mom will fight back the tears and try not to embarrass you, but it’s very sweet that you want her to see you all gussied up. (What park, btw? you’re in SB, right? I went to UCSB undergrad. This was, of course, before you were born.)

Besides, we’ll need to see the pix here, too – ahem, FairyChatMom, don’t make me link to your promise to post them – so a reliable photographer is a good thing.

Alice Keck Park, or Garden, or whatever it’s officially called. The mini-Botanical Gardens kind of place sort of near the Courthouse, if that helps at all
I don’t have a scanner, or digital camera, or experience posting pictures, but I may have to give it a shot…
In any case, I’ll fire off an after-action report tomorrow, and may keep updating this thread with any other junk I feel like including

twickster - I haven’t forgotten - I just haven’t scanned. It’s on my to-do list once I dump the kid off in Baltimore. Trust me - I shan’t miss a chance to show of my baby…

I don’t know how it is in California, but around here it seems to be getting more common for several couples to get together at one place, usually somebody’s house, for pictures before the dance. Parents are not only welcome, they are expected. In fact, I know of one group of parents who do picture-taking parties before dances, complete with snacks and such.

And as long as we’re posting pictures, I have some I’d be willing to share, if somebody could tell me how.

Oh, and Ender? Have a great time.

Ender – yeah, I think I know the place you mean – off State Street, kind of? back towards the hills (that would be what, north, from the courthouse)?

It should provide some great backdrops.

So are you doing the whole tux thing?

I think that’s the right place you got in mind, Twickser.
Yeah, I’m going the tux route…picked it up yesterday.

Thirdwarning, I think we’re doing something similar. There are two or three other couples that are all meeting in the park (rather than someone’s house) for the photo session.

Well, I’m off to clean the car, pick up the corsage, and get my mom’s birthday present, along with some other junk that will undoubtedly come up. I may have one more post before actually heading out, if anything I feel compelled to share happens.

And, thanks everyone, for letting me ramble on, and even seeming to be at least slightly interested.

OK, I created a Prom Photo album here. Upload your prom pics for all to see. Since I never attended a prom, I put my kid’s pic there. Just because twickster begged me! :smiley:

Dang, FCM, I feel just terrible about twisting your arm like that. After all, with a lovely daughter like that, you must be very reluctant to let us see how elegant she looks. I put you on the spot, and I’m really sorry. :wink:

What a lovely young woman. You must be very proud.

Thanks, twickster - she does clean up pretty good. She loved the dress - the bodice had stays at every seam. As she put it, “It makes my boobs look HUGE!!” There was another picture of her with her date - she had to take her shoes off for that shot so she wouldn’t tower over him.

So,FairyChatMom, you’re willing to put up pictures of your sweet, innocent little daughter sporting enhanced boobage and an overblown hairstyle, fully recoginzing that many members of this board are over-stimulated teenaged boys and a significant number of dirty old men?

Yet you still categorically refuse to post a picture of yourself?

That makes you a dishonest pimp.

Just sayin’.

Hey, I’m one of those “overstimulated teenaged boys,” you tryin to start somethin?

Well, here it is: the last post before I head out. Not much has happened, except it has been confirmed that the madre will be taking some pictures of us. And the picture-taking spot has been moved to the Bird Refuge. So, Twickster, if you’re planning on returning to your old college town and ambuscading us, we’re giving you the slip.

Have fun while I’m gone, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t

Enjoy yourself.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and most of the stuff I would do.

I know, it’s an old line. I just couldn’t help myself.

jr8, I was just about to say the same thing about “going to prom” vs. “going to the prom.” Around here we always say “going to the prom.”

Wasn’t “prom” originally short for “promenade”? So is it, “I’m going to the promenade” or “I’m going to promenade”? Maybe it’s regional, but “to the prom” just sounds better to me.