Tonight's Simpsons

Krusty’s book, ghost written by Updike, was only 20 pages long.

Homer gossiping with God about Maude Flanders playing the field in Heaven.

You’re absolutely right. My mistake.

simpsons just keeps getting better

Did you know Fat Tony’s real name is Marion?

You never learn, do you.

Thanks for reminding me!

Fat Tony: “Somebody in this room is a squealer.”

Goon: “We’ve narrowed it down to Johnny(?) Tightlips and
Jimmy(?) the Squealer.”

::Jimmy fidgets nervously, Johnny stays cool::

Jimmy the Squealer: “Alright! It was me! I just like to squeal!”

::Goons take Jimmy the Squealer to a back room and begin beating him. Cue quoted joke, as viewed by Homer.::

Christopher Walken reading “Good Night Moon” was some very funny stuff. I also enjoyed Dr. Nick’s diet but cannot remember the conversation.

Dr Nick: On my diet, you can eat ANYTHING you want.

Marge: And you’ll lose weight?

Dr Nick: Maybe…it’s a free country.

Where were you hit Johnny?
I ain’t saying
What should I tell the doctor?
Tell em to suck a lemon.