Tonight's the night!

The X-Files episode that I hinted about will be broadcast tonight. One of you was almost right; you’ll find out when you see it. I do apologize for not posting this sooner, but the airdate was moved up from January for some reason, and Mr. Rilch didn’t find that out till last night. Enjoy!

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What’s so special about this episode? Besides Lance Henriksen, I mean.

Scully and Mulder smooch for real this time

Quite frankly with all the sexual tension in the series you would think that fans would be screaming for a pure show of them taking a weekend off and gettin busy on Mulder’s waterbed. Nothing more, no plot twists, nothing except some hardcore truffle shufflin.

I know I would tune in

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Pam, did you see my thread entitled “I Know Something You Don’t Know”? To recap, Mr. Rilch is an electric on the X-Files. He told me that something momentous is going to happen in this episode, which was originally supposed to air just before or just after New Year’s. The gaffer called him yesterday and reminded him that the episode was moved up to tonight.

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green

Someone got it almost right? NOOOO!!! So there really IS a Scrappy Mulder!!!

O p a l C a t

So, was it a worthwhile smooch?

Some drink at the fountain of knowledge…others just gargle.

They had a New Year’s kiss. Closed mouths, two seconds tops.


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My wife is a big X-Files fan and one of the cameramen has a summer home next door to my in-laws in N. Idaho. He keeps telling my wife to come down while they’re filming and he’ll get her in as an extra. Maybe he’s acquainted with Mr. Rilch. Small world, isn’t it?

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Can’t: Well, it was more than two seconds, and it wasn’t fully closed-mouth. The way Mr. Rilch descibed it, I thought it might be Mulder just planting one on Scully without giving her a chance to react, but it was mutual, and it was really sweet. I liked them watching the countdown, with Mulder fidgeting and Scully very studiously not-looking at Mulder.

Pluto: Mr. Rilch is second unit, and your guy is probably first, but they may have crossed paths. It is indeed a small world.

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green