Tony Snow. Good guy or douchebag?

With the news that White House press secretary Tony Snow is stepping down to get a better paying gig, I’m hearing a lot of praise and kind words about him from the press corp. Sure he’s got cancer and a family and kids and appears to be much less of a prick than his predecessors, but still and all, look at what his job is. He goes before the press and the public and lies and makes excuses for the evil and incompetent men he works for.

What if we lived in a magical land where no one could be paid, bribed, cajoled or intimidated into doing this awful task. What if, when Dick Chenney said, “Fuck the facts and what’s good for the nation, go out there and say what we tell you make it look good.” But Snow replies, “No sir, I can’t do that. It would be wrong.” And nobody else would do it. They’d have to stand before the world and Og and spew their nasty lies themselves.

But no, they say, “Yes sir, I’ll do my best. And may I add, what an honor it is to do your vile bidding.”

Today Snow said it’s not the cancer that’s making him step away, it’s that he needs to make more money than the job pays. Maybe, I’d like to think, it’s that his conscience will no longer let him give the country the proverbial finger from the press room podium on behalf of undefendable men with rotted souls.

More likely its the money.

The criteria for a White House press secretary to be a “good guy.” are a little different from what you’d expect from your neighbor. A White House press secretary must

a) Not tell a direct lie, at least not knowingly
b) Admit quickly when the set of facts he was given turns out to be incomplete or just plain wrong
c) Return phone calls quickly, even if he refuses to directly answer the question
d) Not engage in personal vendettas
e) Accurately reflect their boss’ position, not their own
f) Run the press office efficiently enough that reporters don’t have to spend all their time taking care of stuff that should be routine (schedules, credentials, etc.)

By those standards, Snow was a good press secretary. But you’ll notice those are pretty much bureaucratic standards, not character traits. You’re right about Snow being less of a prick than some of his predecessors, which certainly helped.

But it really was about the money.

I vote douchebag.

I concur. Anybody who voluntarily works for those cunts in the White House is, pretty much by definition, a douchebag.

Let us deal with reality here. Snow has had a very tough job, one that few of us could do with anything close to the level of skill required to be marginally competent at it. The ugly reality is that in order to be a spokesperson, mouthpiece or press secretary the fundamental job requirements are:
Look half-way decent in a suit.
Be able to say the most outrageous things imaginable with a straight face and an air of sincerity.
Be able to think on your feet and come up with superficially plausible rationale for nearly anything.
Have supreme disregard for facts (or more specifically, inconvenient fact).
Have no sense of shame.

Given the job requirements Snow has done a pretty good job. The press has never been able to push him into incoherence like the previous guy. That might be because the previous guy had just the barest vestigial sense of shame. Snow is surly right on top of the heap when it comes to shamelessness. That make him one bang up press secretary. It helps that he has some sort of an acquaintance with the people asking the questions and they might be reluctant to embarrass him.

It will be interesting to see what star gets trotted out of Rupert’s stable of gas-bag talking heads to replace Snow.

It’s the uptight-looking little blond chippy you see up there sometimes instead of Snow. A real straight-laced looking cutie-pie that probably gets reeaally nasty in the sack.

That pretty much sums up my feelings.


He’s handled it like the douchebag he was before he landed it.

His sentiments were douchebagish; before, during, or, presumably, after. The man’s a cunt and he always will be.

(signed) drop, who will still not pay any attention to Bill Moyers, the cunt, regardless of what he has said since.

I think Tony Snow is a decent guy. It puzzles me how he could support the current administration. Maybe he doesn’t anymore. He has dodged telling outright lies better than any press secretary I’ve ever seen. (This isn’t to claim that he hasn’t told them; I just couldn’t catch him at it.)

Y’know, when I was a kid it wasn’t so much saying the lies as it was continuing to claim them long after they were demonstrated to be lies. By that standard, Snow is going to Hell.

Not that I’d decide it. Blame Fr Schreiber. He was the one who knew.

Wow, check out all the hate.

Unindicted co-conspirator.

I don’t see any hate. Disrespect, but no hate.

By it’s very nature, the job requires a dissembling douche. I believe this is true for the job during all administrations, although this admin requires the BS to fly more than most.

These are people who knowingly take a job where they will be required to deceive. That’s incompatible with the average person’s morality, I hope and believe.

When Tony Snow worked for Fosk Noose, he was an unabashed propogandist for the CheneyBush administration. He cheerfully parroted the white house line, even the obvious lies, with a straight face.

As WH press secretary, his job didn’t change much. The main difference was that he had to look into the eyes of the people he lied to. He’s a stand-up guy, in the mob sense. That is, he’ll look you in the eye and say his boss didn’t do anything wrong.

So, in that a real douchebag is a useless product that a lot of people believe in, Tony’s a douchebag. To me, his cancer doesn’t enter into the other question. Bad people get cancer, too.

You conservatives with your soggy sentimentality… when are you gonna learn to man up?

As others have already (more or less) said, it’s a job only a douchebag could do effectively, and Mr. Snow was extremely effective.

And every bit of it earned by this administration.

No sympathy from me for Baghdad Tony. I look at him like I’d look at a mafia lawyer - he may not be personally committing the crimes but he’s helping the people who are committing the crimes to stay in business.

I was actually thinking of throwing flowers in his path. With lots of thorns in them of course.