Too early for Fantasy Football talk?

I came in 2nd last year, my rookie FF year. Proving that simply knowing football can be a great weapon to even the greenest of FFers. (Barely lost, too, that’s what I get for having picked a major player on a team that clinches early.)

So, how did you guys do?

Is your league going for keepers? How many? (We’re debating still on one or two, but definitely we’re having keepers.)

You doing a free league or pay to play?

And most importantly…, any early info for a killer draft?

I also came in second in my league last year (which was also my rookie year). And I barely lost too–I didn’t know Willis McGahee was even gonna play in that game, and he did and had a helluva game, but I had him benched, otherwise, I woulda won. This also came after I had a really rough, disastrous first have of the fantasy season (I was in last place and came back to win 8 or 9 straight, losing only in the championship game).

As for early draft info, I really couldn’t say right now. I’ll stick with my plan from last year though–all the guys went after runningbacks with their first pick last year, but I took Peyton with mine, and ended up taking another quality back with my second (Corey Dillon), then took Favre with my third. Julius Jones had a pretty decent year, considering he was out for most of the season. Jason Witten was a smart pickup as a sleeper tight end, and is having the best career of all the tight ends drafted above him in his class, combined (can you tell I’m a rabid Cowboys fan?).

Either way, I can’t wait to start up when I get back to school. Let the shit talking begin.

Hey, Flood!

I guess it is too soon.

Just picked up a magazine last week. I’ve done well in the last 2 years playing in the SDMB yahoo league: finished with a top-2 record both years but lost in the playoffs.

Anyone got tips on players who do well in December? :dubious:

Yeah, teams with a lock on the playoffs or a bye week tend to rest their major stars. So watch the waiver wire by about week 7 or 8 to see who is hot or streaking on the bubble teams.