Too many assholes, not enuf time

We are here to stop ignorance, not score cheap points upon one another. The best way to educate folks is to get them involved, interested, and agreeing with you. Attacking them will just get their hackles up, so they won’t learn anything, and alos make you look bad, as well.

Now, Collounsbury tried to educate us in that other PIT thread. He might very well have had some good info, he seems intelligent. But, he called one of my remarks racist, used ad hominem attacks, and used excessive profanity. Thus- I did not care WHAT he was posting, as far as educational info- “he called me a racist”- and then i stopped really listening to him. Eponymous, however, just posted a really great quote- which explained to me what Collounsbury and others were apparently also trying to say- but failing miserably. He showed that my College classes I has taken were out of date on the division of mankind into races- and did so without calling me a racist.

In a GD thread on Vouchers, another person thought my interpretation of Bushes plan was wrong. And, you know- maybe my interpretation WAS wrong (or, maybe his was, I still can’t figure/agree out what Bush meant). But rather than just point out where he thought i was wrong- he called me a “liar”. And that sort of tactic works SO well in eradicating ignorance. :rolleyes:

However, another poster who was harrassing me- I decided to simply pay no attention to him any more. To ignore his rhetoric, the loaded questions, the sly innuendos & the ad hominem arguements. Well, he has been SO angry at me ruining his fun, he has been spreading a “big lie” about me- which I will not dignify with mentioning. But my tactic did work.

So- if you are being an “asshole”, or maybe just a “jerk”- i will not debate with you anymore. No more ad hominem arguements, personal attacks, etc. Play nice or i won’t play at all. I might give folks who have not used these tactics a warning. However, in general, I will simply respond by a link to this thread. So- have fun, but you have been warned. :smiley:

Oh, and if anyone else wants to “take the pledge”, “join the club” or "embark on the crusade’ with me- they are welcome.

You got my vote.

Thanks, I think I will.
I posted a thread dealing with races – no, not the old worn out black verses white stuff – working out a conclusion and knowing I might piss some off but wondering if I was correct. After posting, within two minutes, I got a hit which simply stated ‘incoming,’ which made me cringe and wonder if I should contact the mod and ask him to remove the thread.

I’m not in the mood for being shredded. If my conclusions are wrong, point this out but don’t make observations and innuendo about what a racist, asshole, idiot or bigot I might be. I’m asking for opinions, not punches. I welcome critiques not open warfare. In my post, I’m checking to determine if others have observed what I have, to determine, within the deliberately narrow parameters I set, if there are crucial errors. Not to have to start fending off hostile observations concerning my intelligence or lack of it, biased or lack of observational skills, limited world understanding or general stupidity.

I respond so much better to patient, simple discussions concerning errors in my reasoning or fact gathering instead of being called a dumb ass, arrogantly chastised for having apparently limited intelligence or being curtly informed to get my head out of my ass and read the right books like any idiot would know to do.

I know I’ve decided not to post some things because, after reading around the board, I just knew a great fracas would start because there are some posters who seem to thrive on starting a fight, convinced of their mental superiority and obviously with far too much time available at the keyboards.

If I want a fight I’ll ask for or initiate one, but if I don’t, then I appreciate cool, interesting level headed discussion. Sometimes I have racial questions, but posting here about race can be opening up a guaranteed whup-fest, with the poster inevitably being called racist and a bigot. Cool, rational discussion goes out of the window.

Y’know, maybe you’d get a better reaction from people if you wrote “enough” instead of… oh, nevermind.

Hey, you’re stealin’ my moves, man…this has been my preferred method of dealing with ill-mannered folk all along.

So you joinin’ MY party, dude. :slight_smile:


Well, guys. I’ve tried to take the high road from my first day here and avoid name-calling and personal attacks. I guess I’m only human and I’ve failed a few times. I’ve always tried to make ammends with anyone I’ve offended unjustly, but I’m sure there are a few hard feelings out there.

So I’ll take the pledge and if anyone here has a problem with me, please feel free to e-mail me and we’ll try to clear it up …fair enough?


I am impressed, pleased, and humbled. Thank you all.

Pit- coming from someone with your well known “PIT” skills- this is a big plus.

Adv82: I hear you, brother- and welcome.

Spoofe- if it will get you on the ‘bandwagon"- and I know you already mostly agree- i will stop with “enuf”. But- not "tho’. OK? :smiley:

Stoid- you are an inspiration, true. One of the other most disputed posters here. If there is any “glory”- which I doubt, I will happily share with you.

Hermit- welcome.


I believe several people in the other thread pointed out that I did not call you racist. I am not going to get into a mud-slinging match, but if anyone wishes to verify this, please do visit the other thread. Otherwise, please do refrain from your own insidious brand of mud-slinging.

Of course, it’s simply inconceivable that the problem actually lies with DITWD. :rolleyes: I mean, arguing for three pages and trying to defend one’s position on the concept of race based solely on a single anthropology course taken 25 years ago . . . that information has to be good, right?

And any reasonable person would understand a “failing school” to mean “a school which meets all state-assessed standards for math and reading for all students, and has a small gap between the highest- and lowest-performing students.” It just makes sense.

And, of course, it someone says, “Daniel is probably not a racist, but rather is using outdated information,” the logical reading of that is “Daniel is a racist.”

Yeah, the problem is everyone else.

So if I don’t play nice, I won’t have the privilege of arguing with Daniel? Well, pardon me for not giving a shit. Also, I don’t think I’ll be taking civility lessons from someone who refers to another poster “using the ‘big lie’ technique of his pal Goebbels.”

As I see it, this will soon turn into another method for Daniel to score cheap debating points by playing the martyr. “I don’t have to listen to you because you called me a racist.” This is, what, the fourth thread you’ve had wherein you complain about how others debate. I think perhaps you should look in the mirror long and hard before the next one.

However calling him racist doesen’t actually dispell ignorance does it? Save the venom and slander for political threads:)

Ahem, I did not call him a racist, thank you very much. Please do read the thread for an accurate idea of how the debate actually proceded.

Daniel Daniel Daniel…you DO realize that folks here aren’t picking on you becasue you said racist things, but becasue you claim to be a christian, and as you know yourself, there is a conspiracy on here where everyone tries to flame the christians only.:wink:

I don’t mind anyone taking the time to complain about the behavior of others, but if you are going to complain about behavior in another thread, a link to said thread, perhaps to the post in question would certainly be appreciated.

If it’s important enough to me, sure I’ll go look, but otherwise, without a link I’m just not interested enough to do so.

Thank you


The current DitWD Pit thread is here dublos.

Are you sure you’re ignoring him?

Collounsbury- read the above. That was your last “freebie”.

PLD- since it would be silly to link to this very article, you are refered to the above, and the title line.

Picmr- ditto

water: " "

asmodean- I am sometimes confused by your pithy sayings, but I thank you for than one. Welcome, bro.

dublos- the point here was NOT to complain about anyone. I only mentioned one poster by name, and altho i certainly was unhappy with his postings, note i also complimented him. The point here is that WE are all getting WAY too serious about stuff, and there is no reason not to “play nice”. And, even if nobody had ever used any of these tactics agains me- they are still wrong. But what is worse- once folks start debating like that- ignorance has “won the debate”. Come on, “take the pledge”. :smiley:

And I am sure that Collounsbury will be devastated.




Yeah, don’t bother to defend your bullshit. Just call everyone who calls you on it an “asshole” and it all goes away. How do you look at yourself in the mirror?