Top 10 Greatest SDMB Threads?

What are the ten all-time greatest threads on the SDMB?

I nominate two: Favorite pimple stories (TMI) and Most embarrasing thing you’ve ever witnessed…sorry, don’t know how to hyperlink threads.

I don’t know about the top 10, but I’d think any such list would have to include the now infamously famous LOTR Written by Others thread… that one about has to have close to the highest views and highest replies in SDMB history, right?

(As an aside, to hyperlink to threads all you have to do is click the “http://” button on the reply screen, type in a “name” for the link, and then paste in the url of the thread.)

You might want to try here for some good ones.

A timeless classic, I think, was ‘thread’.

Well, in no particular order I would nominate:

LOTR Written by Others by Fingolfin
How to Kill Evil Nazi Groundhogs by Scylla
Ask the Gay Guy Parts I-V by Esprix

What about, the original TMI thread, everyone knows that one and everyone was eqyally grossed out by it.

1,500 posts and you don’t know how to hyperlink threads?! Shame, shame!

Searching threads makes Deadmeat cry. It would probably be best to not have several people searching for archived goodies.

“May 5, 1945 - We Will Remember.” by Coldfire

“Guy Stuff” by (can’t remember) but it caught the imagination…

Funny Things During Love Making

I’d have to nominate this one.

Yes, I was actually in tears from laughing.

This one ranks up there as one of my favorites.

I can’t believe I fell for that. :eek:

Always works don’t it :wink:

I loved the pizza in a blender thread. BUt I can’t find that one in the archives.
I wrote that question up on the board at work, and spent hours debating it qith customers.

The one about “Which would win? A grizzly bear, or ten enraged monkeys with swords?” That one will always have a special place in my heart.

Good thread. I’m saving my favorites as they are listed… that way, somebody will have them if servers go down.

So far

Funny things said during love making
Watershed moments in SDMB history

I’m going to wait until LOTR dies before tackling that one. :eek:

Here is a list of the #1 thread in each forum, by # of replies:

Pit: His4Ever, JerseyDiamond and Joe_Cool are hypocrites., OP by Homebrew. 561 replies. I would like to point, in all modesty, to my thread just halfway down the page, What is the dumbest thing you’ve heard anybody say? with 270 responses.

MSPIMS: Guy Stuff, OP by UncleBeer. 1,113 replies

IMHO: Very vaguely creepy, OP by Homer. 504 replies.

Cafe Society, LOTR, OP by Fingolfin. 1,518 replies.

GD: For David B, the good Doctor and others who are knowledgable about Creation debate, OP by Satan, 749 replies

GQ: What happens on May 33rd but only on leap year?, OP by pkbites. 313 replies.

Staff Reports: Ouija board, please explain this?, OP by Delphinus. 135 replies.

Cecil’s Columns: homeopathy, OP by JillGat. 219 replies.

ATMB: Master List, OP by Chrome Toaster. 447 replies.

You know, we can still sign our names on the master list… it hasn’t been updated in a while and it still isn’t locked. :smiley:

Duh. Yes, it is locked. My bad. :o