Top 5 vote getters in 2018 senate races

This surprised me a little bit. Also, results are as of right now. Votes are still being counted so this may change.

  1. Cruz - 4,247,943
  2. Scott - 4,095,079
  3. Nelson - 4,080,049
  4. O’Rourke - 4,025,836
  5. Gillibrand - 3,791,074

Two of the top five will not win senate seats. Not super surprising when you think about it, but it does highlight the weird imbalance in the senate. John Barrasso convinced 136k people to vote for him and cruised to victory. Beto got around 30 voters for every Barrasso voter and lost by more votes than Barrasso received.

DiFi not in the top five is what really surprised me. While she was running against another Democrat the Governor race in CA had D versus R. Trump got 4,483,810 votes in California in 2016.