Top Gun vs ID4

Lt. Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise)
Cpt. Steven Hiller (Will Smith)

Who’s the best pilot?

The better question would be which was the shittier script?

If you can’t send Goose up the tailpipes of random craft, what’s the point?

Mitchell’s F-14 is armed with AIM-54 “Phoenix” missiles. He could shoot down Hiller from 50 miles away.

Mitchell is a graduate (and later instructor?) of Top Gun. Hiller, good as he is, isn’t a specially trained dogfighter.

If Hiller can get Mitchell at very low altitude flight, at very low speeds, however, he might stand a chance.

The question is would Mitchells “stopping short” menuever counteract Hiller’s “drag chuete over the cockpit” trick?

1.) You’re getting Maverick’s ammo confused with the missles the MIGs were carrying during the last fight. The Russians could fire from 100 miles away.

2.) If Hiller wasn’t a “specially trained dogfighter”, then what the hell was he?

3.) It’s all good so long as he doesn’t go beneath 10,000 feet. That’s against Top Gun policy. :smiley:

“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin” versus “End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)?”

Tough one.

Oh yeah. Maverick would kick Hiller’s ass. With or without Goose.

Yea, but which is the better Girlfriend?, The Pilot Instructor or The Stripper?

[nitpick alert!!]

The AIM-54 Phoenix can engage targets from over 100 miles away.

Cite. (Yeah, I know it’s CS. Let the beatings begin.)

Hiller’s just an average jarhead F-18 guy. He’s lucky he can walk and chew gum at the same time. He’s had the standard USN/USMC F-18 qual course, but he hasn’t even BEEN to Top Gun, much less squabble for 1st place!

Maverick kicks Hiller’s ass.

I think that question answers itself… :smiley:

You mean to say I can’t have them both? :frowning: