Top this convoluted work history

First off, after being unemployed for over a year, I start my new job this coming Monday.

Yeah income!

They were meticulous about verifying previous employment, and this was not especially easy. Thankfully I had pay stubs and W2s.

Company names are obviously fictionalized

Prev. Job: 2008 went to work for PrettyFunky. Hours cut in 2009 due to recession. (So pay stub didn’t match “salary”) company purchased by HotAir in 2011, continued with HotAir to 2013. HotAir would not verify employment (Fuckers) and previous corporate owner absorbed by BigDODfirm, so no way to verify prior to 2011 anyway.

Next previous job: 2006-2008 went to work for ASS as one of two employees (my employee number was 5) ASS pulled some shenanigans. Owner dissolved company to try to dodge lawsuits after I left. Formed new company SAA peddling the same crap. Could not be reached to verify employment.

Next job back: 2000-2005. Optomistic is the only company I have worked for that is still operating under the same name and ownership. I don’t know how as they have been on the verge of folding since they started almost 20 years ago. Employment verified.

1997-2000. TLA government agency, working for AlwaysSerious. AlwaysSerious purchased MolassasSump 1999, assumed MolassasSump name. Division I worked for has no phone listing, no web site, etc. Fortunately not required as background check only went back 10yr.

1988-1997. Went to work for Peon division of LatinEagle. LatinEagle purchased by Cantbearit 1997 just before I left. Cantbearit purchased by FrenchFrog sometime since.

1985-1988. Went to work for SpareMe. 1986 SpareMe bought out by BuryMe. 1986 BuryMe name changed to UglySister. 1987 my division sold to MolassasSump (yes, them again)

1981-1985. MonkeyWard department store, now long gone.
So 7 jobs, and only one that can be verified under the name I worked for.

7 jobs since 1981 is nothing. I have 7 jobs since 2004.