Topic/Thread titles not updating status

I may have caused this myself, I think I changed some setting a couple of days ago, but I don’t remember what setting it was, nor why I changed it (old age, what are you gonna do?)

The symptom is that topic titles are not updating – they are not turning from blue to gray if I have read the last post, and new topics are not showing the blue dot like they did before. There may be similar related symptoms, but those are the ones I have noticed.

Any idea what I need to change to get those features back?

You may have the individual forums set to Normal instead of Watching. Also check Profile > Preferences > Notifications to see if you’re setting threads you post in to Watching.

Thanks, but I’ve never used Watching, except on threads that I start (like this one). I don’t think notifications have anything to do with the updating status of thread titles on the forum thread list.

I was wrong about this part, the blue dots are there. I still have the condition where the thread titles are not changing to gray when I have read the most recent post.

If there are any moderators reading this, I would really appreciate some help with this issue.

It it happening on all posts or just some?

All posts (meaning that all thread titles that should be gray are still blue).

Easiest is trying a hard refresh, but that is an unlikely culprit. After that would be changing themes. We seem to be having a lot of theme issues lately.

You’re right, at least some of the other themes seem to show a difference in thread titles based on whether I have read the last post or not, usually black to gray. I guess I’ll have to find one I don’t hate (I’ve been using Sam’s Simple Theme).

I’m having this same exact problem - and also using the same theme. Did changing the theme work for you?

The other themes work correctly in this regard, where the thread titles go from dark to light gray when I have read the last post, but I could not abide the busy-ness of their appearance, so I am sticking with this theme. I am just having to take more care looking at the lapse of time since the most recent post for my cues.