Tornado strikes Indianapolis Motor Speedway (minor damage)

The north end of that storm front went right over where I lived. It was quite cool–there was a gigantic line in the clouds. You could actually see the place where the two weather fronts collided. Looked for all the world like a giant had taken a knife and sliced the sky in half. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like it. And me without my camera…

Looks like all the bad weather happened south of us, though. Kind of a letdown, really.

FWI, the IMS wasn’t hit by anything. The small incorporated town the speedway is in is called Speedway.

And I live at 38th and High School, and didn’t notice a thing until the sky went black. I’m oblivious like that.

Thanks for the clarification, I had TWC on last night and it wasn’t clear if the IMS was affected or not. I thought that motel might be across the street or something but turns out it’s about a mile west.

Seems the storms that were in the Midwest have reached here. Tornado warning was just issued to the west and south of here until 4:00, fortunately I’m not leaving work until 5:30 so hopfully I won’t be out in it this time.