Tough life for Canadian inspectors---looking at nude photos

I’m sure there’s a very legitimate reason for this, but this just tickled me. They have to make sure the dancers can really dance, you see.


Link is work-safe, btw.

I still say my job is better. Not only do I get to surf porn, I get to do the Straight Dope! :smiley:

And free Sushi once in a while!

Nooo, it just says they need to be able to pose for nude photographs. It doesn’t say they need to be able to dance.

So, Canada didn’t have enough reasons for us to make fun of them, or is it just a slow news week? :dubious:

My husband used to work in the mail room of the State Prison. His job was to remove prohibited items to and from the prisoners. Most of the nude pictures he saw where more scary than sexy. Or so he says… :dubious:

My favorite quote from this story?


“I’m Tom Bodet from Motel Six. We’ll leave the red light on for ya.”