Tourgasm, the lonely thread

Did anybody else try to watch this HBO season opener last Sunday after “Lucky Louie”? Was it just self indulgent crap, or the worst self-indulgent crap in recent memory? Or was I too tired to care about their stupid life on the road, which has been done much better and by more interesting people?

I actually really enjoyed it. I’m a big Dane Cook fan though, but I know he’s not for everybody.

I look at it like a real life “Entourage.” It’s really interesting to me to watch this group of friends and see their dynamics with each other.

I thought it was pretty boring and self-indulgent too. This was something that Cook probably thought sounded great when he thought it up. Him and a bunch of his stand-up buddies on a tour bus. Hey, they’re always breaking each other’s balls and cracking each other up. It’ll be great, roll the cameras.

The reality is a bunch of unfunny, angry, D-level comics sniping at each other and complaining.

What was up with that uptight, moralistic guy who got all upset and cried because the other dudes were talking about porn? What a douchebag.

Didn’t Comedy Central just do a show about a bunch of comedians filming their bus tour? Right, the Comedians of Comedy, and I guess I’m not the only one to find it suspiciously similar.

Yes, but Dane Cook is dreamy, or so I hear from every woman aged 10 through 40.

I can maybe understand getting a bit upset, but crying? Get a thicker skin bro. Doing taxes on tour? Come on.
I thought it was alright. I didn’t hate it.

Haven’t seen it yet, but Dane Cook isn’t funny.
He’s as funny as Adam Sandler.

I finally saw it last night. God, what horrible, boring crap! I can’t believe HBO greenlit this vanity project. Are Cook’s fan so rabid that they’ll watch anything he’s in and love it? I can’t imagine anyone being amused by this.

Pretty bizarre.

That whole doing taxes on the tour bus just seem contrived. Come on. . .would anyone anal enough to be doing his taxes on a comedy tourbus actually NOT be anal enough to do them somewhere sensible?

I thought that he and the fat guy were just trying to artificially create tension.

And, yeah, Dane Cook puzzles me. . .he’s got this remarkable following, but I don’t find him that funny (and I’m pretty forgiving when it comes to comics). Even if he’s sometimes funny, not enough to justify the love. The great comedians are typically intelligent, or at least insightful. . .Carlin, Miller, Rock, Pryor. He’s like the funny frat brother, but that’s it. If he’s VERY LUCKY, he’ll enjoy a fraction of Adam Sandler’s success.

Even for young comedians today. . .he’s got nothing on (the late) Mitch Hedberg, or even Louis CK, Jim Norton. No one.

Not this one. :rolleyes:

I haven’t seen Cook do much, but I caught him on Leno one night. You know, when the comedians for some reason get to do their bits in the guest chair rather than on the stage? He was mildly amusing, but only that. Not really interested in his friends or his tour. Give me David Cross any day.

I agree with you, and I agree with the taxes thing.

The point at which the other dude intentionally dumped a glass of water over the other guy’s paperwork was the moment that lost me (of course, I had only been hanging on by a thread anyway). I mean, really, who does that? It was either 100% staged, or the guy is a 100% jerk. Woohoo, I’m funny, I’m pouring water on your taxes like a motherfuck!!!

…the Turtle one (always has a hat on, pudgy)… is pathetic. Cook said “He’s great comic who never got a shot”… No… he’s a shitty comic who belongs wallowing in the much with the rest of the guys who have maybe 3 minutes worth of material in them.

And Cook needs some new material… he’s done the same act for seemingly years now. “Rock and roll quotes” funny the first time… amusing the second… now it is just annoying…