Toy Story 2 might cause homosexuality...

… according to the Landover Baptist Church.


Gotta love those anti-Disney Baptists. Always good for a laugh.

Among the accusations they give:

*The movie company Walt Disney, run from top to bottom by sodomites, has once again thumbed its rodent nose at traditional family values. Yes, the same company that brings Christian families the occult hit “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” on ABC, Antichrist Broadcasting Company, is back in business promoting their Chairman Emeritus, the Devil. Toy Story II, a stealthily packaged “children’s” movie, doesn’t even pay lip service to original Toy Story. No, instead, it picks up where Caligula left off! This stomach-turning tale is so sexually offensive that even that ungodly crippled pervert Larry Flynt would throw his fat little body from his wheelchair and drag his carcass to the lobby to avoid seeing such putrid computer-generated mess as Toy Story II. *

But wait, the toys in the movie are accused of being anal sex toys, as you can see…

Buzz Lightyear:

Mr. Potato Head:


…and McDonalds is accused of giving out sexual probes to the children as a tie-in for the movie. “Even if the sexual probe is pretty and free with a Happy Meal, it is not something any right thinking Christian should ever have in their Christian homes”
Seriously, how can anyone believe that Toy Story 2 tries to influence little kids into homosexuality? This is the most pathedic argument I’ve ever heard in my life.

Hey Louie…did you know that the word “gullible” isn’t in the dictionary? ;}

Lex Non Favet Delicatorum Votis

So, er…when did they say these Happy Meals would be available?

Just in case you didn’t gather it from the other posters, Landover Baptist is a satire. Yep, they fooled you.

They even admit they are a parody. If you click this link, I got it from their site, it will explain all.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

I should’ve known. The writing style of the “accusation”,is so well-written(his fat little body?)it couldn’t be a pios churchperson! On the other hand,its sad,because it would not surpirise me a bit if this were true. However,anal probes are more likely Satan’s forte.

Let’s not be too hard on Louie. After seeing the average Chick publication how can anyone say there’s such a thing as fundamentalist Christian propaganda too extreme to be true?

Hold on now, Landover Baptist isn’t so bad. Here’s what their advice columnist Betty Bowers had to say to Dr. Laura Schlessinger:

Who can disagree with that?

La franchise ne consiste pas à dire tout ce que l’on pense, mais à penser tout ce que l’on dit.
H. de Livry

Aseymayo said:

Are you sure you want one? (They do furnish a straw…) :wink:

Poly,excellent! :smiley:

The sad thing is, Louie the OP isn’t alone in his ignorance of’s status as a parody. I just got done reading the email they’ve received over the past 4 months. NOBODY GETS THE JOKE. There are prayers for the webmaster’s soul, threats of legal action, holier-than-thou counter-preaching, and a death threat or two. Most came from self-professed Saved Christians or devout Catholics. Out of the dozens of emails I read, I think there was ONE that grasped the spirit of the site.

Of course, there were a few emails that said, in effect, “I realize that you’re a parody, but (such and such) wasn’t very damn funny. You should take it down and stick to making fun of (something else).”

My already shaky confidence in the intelligence of our species as a whole has been completely obliterated. I am also convinced that religion causes tunnel-vision. I think maybe it’s time for another extinction event on this planet, and let the cockroaches take over for us where we left off.

–Da Cap’n
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I was also in the dark until a couple of days ago. It really is very well done.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

The extreme fundamentalists we all love to hate certainly deserve to be made fun of. The problem is, they have made such outrageous claims in complete seriousness that it would be almost impossible to make a parody of Christian fundamentalism that is easily recognizable as a parody.

Sorry, Landover Baptist people, Rambo, anything with John Wayne, and Ronald Reagan made me gay. Sorry to burst your bubble but I would not have been gay if these figures never came into my life. :wink:


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

(hick accent) That’ll learn me to read before posting. (undo hick accent) Anyway, I stand by what I posted earlier even if it is off topic. I love Rambo holding his weapon of eternal firing, never having to reload or rest, always up and ready…mmmm… heheh Just kidding, he is much too thin for me. But you guys get the idea.


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

I’ve never even heard about this! As I was reading it I was laughing my ass off! I’ve book marked the site so I can go back later and read more. Absolutely priceless! But I can understand someone thinking it’s real. Who hasn’t heard of some group spewing similar ideas?


A. I HOPE you mean the old movies, and not the presidency.

B. Wouldn’t this make a great album title?

C. Hi, Opal!

?This is a truism; that’s precisely why religion is so comforting. It provides absolutes in a relativistic universe. Whatever does not conform to the dogma is attacked or ignored. The concept of the scientific method, or a system of malleable beliefs based on the best available evidence, is simply too scary for many people. Whatever gets you through the night is OK with me, until you start telling me I have to change my beliefs for you to be happy. Then I tell you to step off, and do it quickly.


“Believe those who seek the truth.
Doubt those who find it.” --Andre Gide

Parody? :open_mouth: