Toy Story and Star Wars Franchises...

Here’s a fact I found interesting, the original Toy Story is two years older when TS 4 came out than Star Wars was when the Phantom Menace came out.

Interesting…kind of…I guess.

Which leads me to ask, what is the longest time elapsed from this first movie of a series to its last/latest, not counting reboots or spin offs? I’m too lazy to look, and I’m a bit confused by the timeline, both in universe and for real (I’ve only seen upto 3, but I think that was a spinoff even then) but Halloween, maybe? Wasn’t the latest one supposed to be a direct equal to 2 or something?

Just the original. If you want to count it as the same timeline as the original (despite being a reboot that discards all of the original sequels), that puts Halloween tied with the pre-Craig Bond series (40 years each - 1962-2002 for Bond, 1978-2018 for Halloween.)…But it also opens up Godzilla as a winner - since each of the Millennium Era movies nominally followed onto the original while disregarding the others (save for the two Millennium involving Mothra forming a series), which makes for a 50 year total (Godzilla 1954 to Godzilla: Final Wars in 2004), since all the more recent movies (The American series, Shin Godzilla, and the anime trilogy) are straight reboots.

Bless you for following up on my laziness! Good stuff.

That is interesting. The dark time when we were all hoping-but-never-expecting more Star Wars is, in my memory, an endless void, but in reality it was barely 15 years between ROTJ and TPM. Then it was 10 years between ROTS and TFA. Time passes so weirdly when you’re old, and especially if you’re anxiously waiting.

Even weirder, it was called Halloween, even though it was a new Halloween 3. And it gets a sequel soon called…Halloween 2, even though that is a revised Halloween 4.

Blood Feast was 39 years between part 1 and 2.

It’s true. I saw Star Wars in 1997 on its 20th anniversary re-release and I felt it had been around a long time(I was born in '78). Now, I realize how recent it must have felt to people.

I mean, the Matrix feels in many ways like a recent release. It’s 20. Phantom Menace, too.

Even Fellowship of the Ring turns 20 in a couple years…uh, we were anticipating that for years!

And then there’s Shaft: 3 movies with the same title: 1971, 2000, and 2019. There were two sequels in 1972 and 1973. So ~ 27 years between those and the Samuel L. Jackson reboot, um, remake, um sequel. Then 19 years to the next sequel … with the same title.

Don’t get me started on the naming practices of the Rambo franchise…or as it should be, the First Blood franchise.