Traffic - What's the punchline to the joke...?

In the movie Traffic, one of the DEA agents, I think his name was Ray, was telling a joke to an upper level drug dealer, Eddie. As he was about to get to the punchline, a lesser drug henchman burst through the door and opened fire. This of course prevented the joke from being finished. What was the punchline?

The joke started something like this:

A guy gets a tattoo on his penis. On one side it says “yes” and on the other side it says “no.”

Can anyone help?

A man went to the tattoo parlor and had the words “yes” and “no” tattooed on his penis. When he got home that night, he approached his wife in their bedroom. He stripped off his pants and shorts, revealing his aroused organ and its new tattoo.
“What do you think, honey?” he asked his wife.

Deliberately she said, “You tell me how to cook, you tell me how to clean the house, you tell me how to do the laundry… and now you’re going to put words in my mouth?”

“Google is your friend!”

– the Drive-By joke provider.