Transformers Comics by Dreamwave

I ordered mine back in February (from Cold Hard Slag–still waiting, though)…they hit the racks TODAY! Who else is running to their local shop at lunch or eagerly watching their mailbox? I’m betting on Bosda…any others?

(if this is news to you, go here: )

Oh hell, yeah. Between GI Joe a couple of months ago and Transformers, I’m loving life! My favorite after-school cartoons as comic books… Now if they’d just do He-Man and Mask.

(Just kidding.)


well, there is gonna be a new He-Man toon to go with Transformers: Armada on CN’s Toonami this fall…

And the new TF:A toys will come with little comics, just like the old He-Mans (He-Men? whatever…) used to…

Oh, how I wish there was a comic store near here. I intended to add it to my “save” box at my regular shop (two and a half freakin’ hours away!) but I was drunk and forgot. Dammit! And it looks sooooo good!!!

caveman, I didn’t know about either of those cartoons! I’m gonna have to check out CN’s website and get the scoop - a new He-Man and a new Transformers… I’m gonna be in heaven. (Hopefully it’s better than the anime Transformers-wannabe BS that’s on right now… blecch.) Thanks for the tip.

new toonami lineup info

good call–but I had mine on order at my local comics shop last December.

I had the inside edge. I got the news at the Transdeformers web site.

I’ll pick up my copy this weekend; I’m curious to see how the comic plays, though I admit I do like Pat Lee’s art (even if his proportions can get freakishly out of whack at times).

What I’m really curious is how the comic will look when Pat Lee isn’t doing the pencils – IIRC, he’s only slated to do the interiors for the first six-issue mini-series.

(And, of course, you guys do know that Simon Furman will be writing a few issues later down the road, right? :wink: )

A friend of mine ran to the comic store as soon as they hit the stands. He boguht 4 copies…2 of the basic ones, and both special editions.I swear he was drooling.

Last night he had them in his bag, on the floor. Without realizing it, I had my foot propped on his bag. He saw that, bout shit his pants. “Pam! Watch the bag!”

“Oh, your comics?”

The comics were fine, but he didnt talk to me for about 2 hours afterward…

That, Pammipoo, was a lesson I learned early in childhood from my comic-book-collectin’ dad: do not trifle with the comics. That and these sage word of advice: “No, son, DOUBLE bag #1’s…”

Whoa! I liked the original show a little, and I like to collect comics, but this is a curious phenomenon: I do not remember ever seeing at the local comic shop, three spaces in the rack dedicated to one comic, with a limit of one issue per person! And still the rack was empty! On the whole, good news for the comics retailers, but I hope it is not a herald to another speculator boom, like the one that almost destroyed the industry in the last decade.

Well, I’ll have to wait for the next shipment for my copy, since all the local stores sold out of #1 as soon as they hit the shelves. Should be interesting to see if the sales can sustain themselves…

I’m going to be patronizing my local comic shop for issue #2…I just can’t take the suspense of the USPS!

Anyone know if Dreamwave will be participating in Free Comic Book Day?

[Sam the Eagle] You’re all… weirdos! [/Sam the Eagle]

Hey! We’re less weird than those kooks next door, dissecting Star Trek’s “Kobyarshi Maru”… :smiley:

Well…so much for me mailing you a free copy of that comic!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, I get free copies of Cybertronian (at $25 each), so I won’t mind…