Transformers: Season 1 DVD

The Transformers season 1 DVD comes out Tuesday. I got my income tax refund last week. Coincidence, or omen?

I am greatly anticipating ditching those random .rm files of episodes I downloaded. Why, with the proliferance of cable TV channels and nostalgia marketing, TF is no longer on television is beyond me.

Rhino simply RULES for daring to bring an arguably niche product to market.

TF fans–buy this DVD. That’s the only way we can ever convince them to make more. We got them to release The Movie, right?

Now, if they would get to work on a G.I. Joe DVD…

For real? Great! Now I think I know what I’m getting my brother for his birthday in June…Did you ever see the interview that comes on the transformers movie dvd? Scary guy, that one.

I want Rocko’s Modern Life to come out on DVD, personally :slight_smile:

First, it’s not a single DVD, it’s a three-DVD boxed set. You may start drooling. :wink:

Second, the only thing stopping me from pre-ordering this puppy three months ago is my current lack of financial stability. It’s hard to indulge in such DVD beauty when the spectre of unpaid mortgages is looming on the horizon. How I miss the good ol’ days of Bill Clinton and an economy that actually worked.

On the plus side, the 2001 Trannies are finally out! Woo hoo!

What, are you lusting for the “Knowing Is Half The Battle!” tip that closed each episode?

Actually, the PSAs are all included on the G.I. Joe: the Movie DVD.

Now you know…

That’s good … because every time I catch on fire, paint my bike in the garage or want to hide inside a refrigerator, I know that some helpful advice from Shipwreck or Lady Jaye would help steer me in the right direction.

Was our beloved Transformers the only major action cartoon series of that era to escape those stupid PSAs? I know Silverhawks, Thundercats, G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe and (maybe?) M.A.S.K. all had them…

Actually, it’s FOUR. Hie thee to Best Buy!

Is there a listing of the episodes included? Would that season include the Dinobots and Combaticons?

Season 1 includes:

More Than Meets The Eye Part 1
More Than Meets The Eye Part 2
More Than Meets The Eye Part 3
Transport To Oblivion
Roll For It
Divide And Conquer
Fire In The Sky
SOS Dinobots
Fire On The Mountain
War Of The Dinobots
The Ultimate Doom Part 1
The Ultimate Doom Part 2
The Ultimate Doom Part 3
Countdown To Extinction
A Plague Of Insecticons
Heavy Metal War

oh, and Dinobots, si, Combaticons, no…

Actually, no, they didn’t.

At one of the annual BotCon conventions (2000), there was a discussion panel called “Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Transformers.” One of the revelations was that a series of PSAs were planned for the Transformers cartoon; I don’t know why they were cut, but they did exist, and a few clips were shown. Click here for for details.

And the Combaticons were strictly second-season. They first appeared in “Starscream’s Brigade.”