Translate this phrase from the Dave Chappelle Show

I was watching a Chappelle Show on the tivo tonight, and he was saying that he saw a music video with a phrase that could only have made it past the censors because white people don’t know what it means yet. The phrase was something like “skeet-skeet-skeet.”

Apparently, I’m one of the white people that Chappelle was talking about because I have no idea what that means. But since I hate being left out of a good joke, I would appreciate it if someone would translate that phrase for me.


Semen. Otherwise known by many other euphemisms.

That makes sense. Thanks, dnooman.

I hate to hijack for such silly reason, but I have another Chappelle Show question that I just remembered.

The other day they aired the “I Know Black People” episode. At the end of the show he mentioned a question that none of the contestants got right. It was something to the effect of: “You meet someone on the street and give them two dimes and a nickel, you just gave them a ______”

Anyone remember the answer? I may not remember the setup correctly, but I am fairly certain it was two dimes and a nickel.

After only having heard it used before in ‘Get Low,’ I didn’t even think it had a meaning. Is there any reason that half the chorus is just repeating ‘semen’? :dubious:

[sub]:sigh: Fourteen years old, and already behind the times… :([/sub]

It’s not just semen, it’s the act of, er, producing it. It generally, I think, is said with a motion. You know. In the song referenced, it goes something like “Down these females crawl! Down skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet…”

I asked this question in Cafe Society a few months ago, BTW. I found out later that all my guy friends knew it intuitively - I suppose it’s just that I don’t think about the penis every waking moment.

It’s a funny feeling, being part of the joke, isn’t it?

From the window to the wall till the sweat drips off my balls and all those bitches crawl AWW SKEET SKEET mothafucka a god a god damn!
It’s basically shooting your load (preferably on a woman)