Translation from English to Latin, please?

I’ve taken it in my head to design something of a coat of arms for myself. Upon consideration, I’ve decided the phrase “I could be wrong” is a better-than-average motto for me to include.

Could one of our brilliant dopers help me out with translating that phrase into Latin that won’t make Classics majors laugh at me?

I think you want some form of errare - as in errare humanum est - and you could use fortasse erravi - I may have erred.

Hmm… could you use the perfect subjunctive - erraverim?

Love it!

Glad to see people still love the classics…

Forsitan errem (forsitan errem!?)

The difference would be “it may be that…” (subjunctive) versus “it is likely that…”

That would be the perfect name for a dodgy used car.

Thank you so much for your help!